Master the Process of Altering Your Future It's much easier than you think.

Near the end of last year, I set a somewhat lofty profit goal for my business.  It was a number I wanted to reach since I first launch because, to me, it was a huge milestone.  About six months into the year, I realized that I was on track to actually reach this goal.

At first, I was super excited.   But after a few weeks,  a new feeling started to settle in.  With half the year ahead of me, I felt obligated to rewrite my goal.  If I kept the profit number the same, I would probably start to get comfortable.  And comfortable is never a good thing.  Although I had a good chance of reaching my numbers, I didn't want to just sit back and rely on my default future to manifest.

As you may recall, our default future is the predictable outcome that we will experience based on our current actions.  You can pretty much predict how your life will look at the end of the year based on the past and what you are doing currently.  If both of these factors are consistent, your life will essentially stay the same (or become slightly worse).

I'm on a mission to systematically alter the course of my future in several areas of my life.  Using my past advice of creating an unbalanced force, I plan on many 1-2 significant shifts in my actions that will have a long term positive effect on the outcome of my goal.  I believe the 1-2 actions are enough. If you try to do too much as once, you may not be able to maintain the actions long-term.  As long as you identify the right actions, 1-2 of them should be enough.

In the case of my business, I reviewed all of my current expenses and identified the top 2 that could bring in the most revenue.  Number one on that list was a monthly expense of $350 that I invest to be a part of this training program. Each month we get access to new training videos and get to ask questions.  I have to be honest and confess that I haven't been maximizing the potential of this training program.  I did in the beginning.  But once my business started running smoothly, I lost the sense of urgency.  I'm now recommitting to taking the course seriously and implementing at least 1 new action a month taken directly from the course.  I know this will be a huge game changer that can really alter the future trajectory of my business.

This is a big example but I plan to implement this strategy on a micro level as well.  Last week, for example, looked and felt very much like most weeks.  But I did implement a few small actions that will have a positive (and real) impact on the days and months ahead. This week, I'm determined to do that same.

As I plan my weekly to-do list, I'm careful to include tasks that have lasting power.  Sure, there are pressing items that must be done today, but I should also be mindful to incorporate activities that have a real impact. A friend of mine will sometimes say "Nadege, today I'm working on actions that impact my future."  She didn't always think this way. But ever since we talked about the concept of a default future, she's changed her mindset.   This method works incredibly well and you can start enjoying the benefits of it fairly quickly.

I'm gonna let you in on a little secret......the more I focus on actions with lasting impact, the less I have to work to enjoy the results I now have.  I get to do less and enjoy more.  That's the way it should be.

With only a handful of months remaining, it's time to get serious about which areas that you want to alter the course of your future.  No need to wait 'till the end of the year to create a bunch of flimsy resolutions.  By New Year, I want to be setting up fresh new goals that on a whole nother level. Our future is liquid and we're in complete control of it.  Let's take full advantage by engaging the type of actions that are investments for the days and months ahead.  Your future self is counting on it.

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