Tired of the Same Results? It's Time to Up-Level

Lately been playing around with the idea of how to "up-level" my current results.  The urban dictionary defines up-leveling as to "transform or grow in an area that was previously stagnant."  Stagnancy is something I try to avoid because, in reality, nothing really remains stagnant.  As far as I'm concerned, standing still is the equivalent of declining.

For this reason, we must always be moving forward.  Yes, we should always be appreciative of our current blessings but, at the same time, we should move our eyes to the horizon towards our next goal.  Working towards our next goal sounds easy to do.  But no one talks about what to do once you hit your invisible ceiling.

What is the invisible ceiling?  It's what happens when we find ourselves continuing to produce the same results over and over again.  Maybe those results are decent, but for some reason, we can't seem to get to the next level.
I believe that, sometimes, a certain level can not be attained unless a shift occurs in our mindset.  Our pattern of thinking has a direct impact on our current actions (and current results).  Prior to launching my business, I invested a ton of time and energy convincing myself to fully believe that it was possible to earn a living without a consistent paycheck.

Once I launched my business part time, I set pretty lofty financial goals.  In order to achieve those goals, I needed to, once again, do a lot of mental conditioning to prepare myself to manifest those results.  If I simply set a high financial goal without doing the internal groundwork, I probably would not have even gotten close to the results that I enjoy today.

 I've noticed that, for the most part, my results have been pretty consistent.  Consistent is good. But I also classify long-term consistent results as a form of stagnancy.  It's time to create a breakthrough that will lead me to the next level.

The reason why I'm stuck in the same place is because I'm still thinking and operating as the same person that creates my current outcome.

It's time to evolve.

The transformation won't work unless I focus on my subconscious.  Deep down, my mind isn't connected to the new results I want.  It doesn't see my desired goal as a possible reality.  I need to change that.  The first step is to build my belief.  One way I plan to do that is to reinstitute image streaming (a.ka. Albert Einstein's powerful visualization technique) as a habit.

I'm going to partake in a 7-day image streaming challenge and record the sessions on my cell phone.  Once completed, I'll listen to the sessions prior to going to bed.  Listening to your own voice as you describe your vision in detail is a powerful thing.  Your subconscious is more likely to accept what you're saying while you're in a state of total relaxation (right before falling asleep).

Along with image streaming, I plan on searching out real examples of others who currently experience the outcome(s) that I desire.  Unfortunately, I don't know anyone in real life who meets those requirements so I have to find what I'm looking for online.  I like to watch "How I manifested my (fill in the blank) law of attraction videos on Youtube.  Those always add a bit of motivation because I get really excited when I see others doing well.  But I want to dig a little deeper to find people who truly up-leveled (scaled) their business and/or lifestyle in a relatively short amount of time.

Then I'll get to work on inching outwards, away from my comfort zone bubble.  I made the most progress when I took on the mantra described in the book "The One Thing." When I focus on a few high-impact actions,  I don't have to work as hard and the results are magnified.  I need more of that in my life.  I already know what to do to create my current results, it's time to take things to the next level.

One thing I need to remember is how much effort is required to raise our financial thermostat.  It can't just be a wish, I have to be obsessed with my new reality way more than my current situation.  The more it consumes me, the faster it happens.  Napoleon Hill called it our chief definite aim in his book Think & Grow Rich.  It has to be the most important thing to you otherwise your focus will be distracted and little progress will be made.  Anything that works to dilute your progress should be avoided.  It's all about being hyper-focused and maintaining it as long as possible.

There also has to be some type of accountability.  Since I'm not working 1 on 1 with a coach, I try to create accountability in other ways.  In the past, I would have coaching sessions with myself where I provide clear updates on my progress.  I also determined what I need to do to elevate my results.  The more frequent these discussions, the more progress is made.  Another accountability tool I use to is a simple method of tracking my activity.  Instead of putting a lot of time & effort in a to-do list, I focused on a "what I've done list."   I also track my results on a spreadsheet that I update daily or weekly.  When I see my results in black & white, I'm more likely to keep pushing.

The other thing that has worked well in the past is making sure that I expose myself to the reality I want to experience as often as possible.  This energizes me.  It's the fuel I need to power my actions day after day.  Immersion needs to happen otherwise the worries life will get in the way.  Up-leveling isn't an easy process. But it's very doable.  We just need to pursue it wholeheartedly.  And do it long enough to make the vision a reality.


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  1. I to have much ambition and a laundry list of goals. Reading how you talk yourself into being more motivated and reaching your goals is inspiring and make me feel like I need to do the same.


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