[A Glitch In the Matrix] A.K.A. How To Implement Real Change in Your Life

Last week I wrote an article about the scientific principle that will alter the course of your year (maybe even your life).  Once you understand  how the Law of Inertia works, you can use that information to cause wonderful new outcomes in your life.

I received a comment from a reader who asked if I could expand on the different ways in which a person can implement change in their lives.  That's what we're gonna talk about today.
Implementing change boils down to one thing.......and that one thing is the process of habit creation. The definition of the word change means to "make or become different."   I'm expanding the definition to state "to make or become different from what already is."

For every circumstance, situation, or habit that you want to change, one already exists (in its place).

The reason why we don't succeed at creating change is because we haven't successfully mastered the art of habit creation.  Habits are the customs and routines which are deeply embedded in our daily lives.  They are the framework that support our current outcomes.  If you're 10-20 lbs heavier than you desire, we can trace it back certain habits. If you are carrying extra debt and aren't enjoying the financial results you want, it's because of your past repeated behavior.  Those behaviors are solidified. And, according to Newton's Law, those actions will continue following the same course while maintaining the same speed.

Change will not happen just because we say to ourselves that we want a new outcome.  It's nice to say those things but there's nothing there to support it.  Imagine building a house without first establishing a firm foundation for that house to stand on.  Your old habits are firmly in place.  You've been reinforcing them every chance you get.

The new habit has nothing but a few words spoken in a moment of inspiration.  That poor thing has no chance.  Weeks from now, you will have already forgotten your flimsy promise and you'll be back to your familiar old ways.
The only way to change this situation is to apply the "unbalanced force" that Newton talked about.   I like to think of the unbalanced force as like a "glitch in the matrix." In the movie the Matrix, they defined a glitch as something that happens "when they change something."

Our problem is that we never change anything! In the example I used in the last post, I talked about starting off the week feeling motivated to carry out a highly productive week. But that rarely happened because I didn't change anything.

I didn't change anything.

And by not changing anything, I carried out a pre-programmed future that already existed.  It's that default future I keep talking about.  It will keep happening (over and over again) unless I change something.  The change doesn't have to be massive but it has to be enough to create an unbalanced force.  There's a force that pulls us to fall back into our normal routine.  We have to counteract it.

If your actions look and feel familiar, be prepared to enjoy the exact same results.  For me, 2017 is going to be about implementing lots of change to my daily life.  I want my days to look and feel different than they did last year.  So far, I'm off to a solid start.  But I'm going to take things to the next level by turning my new actions into new habits.  And to do that I'll be revisiting the book "The Power of Habit."  As I listen to it again, if I gleam any powerful, applicable insights, I'll be sure to share it with you.  Another book that I recommend when you want to implement change is "Do One Thing Different."

Do One Thing Different is one of those books that you don't have to read in order for it to change your life.

Talk soon!

(If you can read this article more than once, please do)


  1. Before I even read the article - Thank you! When I made the request in the previous article, I didn't think you'd respond like this, so quickly. Okay, time to read now...

    ...Great article, thank you so much for sharing! I actually own "The Power of Habit", perhaps I ought to have another read.

    1. Thanks for the inspiration MsFaithful! It really helped me put some things into perspective for myself.
      Hope your 2017 is beyond amazing!

  2. I've been thinking about your last post ALL week. It's exactly what I needed and didn't know how to realize it. Coupled with this week, it's like you're me and in my head. I've come to a place and time where SOMETHING different is what I need. That unbalanced force. That counter active force + the extra to make change.
    And I'm prepared and ready and intentionally and actively going to ensure that I do, and the result will not be the same loge that I've defaulted to living over the last year (or two)


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