Why Micellar Water Might Be Your Next Go To Hair Product

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I've been hooked on micellar water ever since my first bottle.  This powerful cleansing water truly a beautiful thing.  What makes micellar water so amazing is the microscopic oil molecules ("micelles") that have the ability to attract and lift all the dirt, makeup and grime off your skin without  any tightness or over drying.

It dissolves all the bad stuff leaving your skin perfectly hydrated.  The origin of this wonderful creation stems from French women who sought out an alternate approach to cleansing their faces.  Their water is harsh so they needed a suitable workaround to maintain beautiful skin.  To me, micellar water is a must have beauty item if you want to cleanse often but don't want to overdry with harsh ingredients.
Basically, micellar water is perfect.  So it only makes sense to incorporate it into a hair product.
DevaCurl is the first to bring micellar water into the hair care game.  On Valentine's Day, they're launching a micellar water cleansing serum called "Buildup Buster."  This cleansing serum will take the place of your shampoo on wash day.  It'll cleanse without over stripping using micellar technology.   From there, you condition and style as usual.

Because micellar water is so powerful, the Buildup Buster may actually qualify as a clarifying treatment.  That's really exciting news because I've been avoiding clarifying for a while for fear of drying out my hair.  Dry winter air has been a struggle and I don't want my shampoo to add to the misery.  Thanks to DevaCurl, I'm going to experiment with clarifying with a micellar cleanser.

Since we have to wait a little while longer for Buildup Buster to launch.  I'm going to play around with a DIY version.  Perhaps, I'll water down a little shampoo with micellar water.  Or maybe I use micellar water in a spray bottle to help detangle my hair prior to a co-wash.

I'm also brainstorming the possibility of misting my scalp with a little micellar water after a workout. Which reminds me, I need to grab a few travel size bottles.  I'll toss one in my everyday bag and keep a couple on hand for when I travel. I can always refill the bottles when I run out.

This could be a game changer.

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