How spraying on bacteria could do "wonders for your skin."

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You might recall when we discussed the benefits of leveraging probiotics in the war against acne and other skin ailments.  And I'm not just talking about taking probiotics supplements (even though you should do that religiously).  I'm referring to a new wave of beauty products which feature probiotics as an active ingredient.

It makes sense that some of our skin woes could be attributed to an imbalance of the bacterial ecosystem of our skin.  But, I nearly forgot that I absolutely needed to include a probiotic rich product into my skin reggie until I stumbled on a recent beauty secret reveal.
Poet, speaker, and artist, Cleo Wade, was featured recently on NYmag online.  In the conversation, the topic of her beauty routine was brought up.  Cleo's response consisted of two beauty secret reveals.  The first was a proclamation of her love of vitamin E oil.  The antioxidant rich oil is a holy grail product that you use on your hair, skin, everywhere.  I bet she probably puts a little on her face at night to ensure that she "goes to bed greasy."

The second reveal was an introduction to a product by the name of Mother Dirt.  What makes Mother Dirt stand out is that it contains live probiotics.  The brand claims that its probiotic spray can improve skin clarity, tame oily skin, and help manage body odor.  Cleo suggested that this bacteria mist "can do wonders for your skin."

My mind is already racing with the infinite amount of ways to incorporate a product like this into a summer beauty routine.  There's so much going on with our skin during the warmer months.  We're sweating all the time. Our acne flares up.  Our scalp feels icky.  We're loading our bodies up with body sprays and other chemicals to deal with body odor.  I'm pretty sure our skin's pH & bacterial balance is completely out of alignment.  I'm curious to see if this plant-derived product can address most of these issues.

 Can you imagine having one super product that serves as both a deodorant and an anti-acne facial mist? Sounds almost too go to be true.  Another way to dip your toes in the world of topical probiotics is to introduce your skin to Kampuku Beauty Bar which I've heard great things about.

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  1. Great post. I've done yogurt masks in the past, and my skin felt really soft. Hey, off topic..but have you ever tried a himalayan salt room treatment for your skin? I just went for the first time and really liked it. If you have one nearby, I'd love to hear what you think of it!


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