[Try This] Mariah Carey's Bed Time Beauty Secret.

I was on SnapChat the other day living vicariously through bloggers traveling for New York Fashion Week.  This blogger happened to share several pics of her travel essentials.  One image in particular immediately caught my attention.  Sitting near her bedside was a gadget that looked very familiar.

But what was most interesting was the caption included with the image.
This young lady is so dedicated to maintaining hydrated skin that she packed a humidifier and traveled with it cross country.  The reason for doing so is because she once learned that Mariah Carey was diligent about sleeping with a humidifier on a nightly basis.

That was my assumption.

In order to verify if this was indeed the case, I performed a quick Google search for verification.  To my surprise, I learned that Mariah doesn't just sleep with a humidifier, she runs "like 15 of them!" Basically, she sleeps in her own personal steam room. Part of the reason for this strict humidifying ritual is to nurture her vocal chords.  But we all know that sleeping in a humid environment also promotes a myriad of beauty benefits.

I've talked about the wonders of humidifiers before. Since then, I've amassed a small collection (4 in total).  But lately, they haven't been getting much use. The air isn't as cold and dry as it used to be.

After capturing the screenshot, I immediately dusted off my old trusty humidifier.  Within seconds, I noticed the difference.  Even though the humidity in the room was already at 52%, the humidifier made a positive impact.

*side note: I grabbed a humidity monitor last year to keep track of air moisture levels at all times.

Minutes after being in my newly humid room, my lips felt softer and I instinctively started taking deeper breaths. It just made the room so comfortable.  Then I wondered, "does it make sense to run the humidifier all year long?"  

The answer is a resounding YES!  Here's why.......our A.C. units draw moisture directly out of the air as it cools the home.  So we might be experiencing dry summer air without suspecting it.  Also, when we're out in the sun our hair & skin dries out.  If you jump in the pool, you could be creating dry, itchy skin.  A humidifier could save your skin this summer.

I'm completely committed to using my humidifier all year long (even when I travel 'cause hotel rooms are the worst).  I'm also intrigued by the idea of using multiple units at night for maximum moisturization.  I can imagine how hydrated the skin would feel in the morning if we went to bed greasy and slept with a humidifier by our bedside.

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