Remove Your Self-Imposed Limitations to Make Room for the Impossible

Once upon a time, I attended a small gathering with a group of people who were on a path to personal success.  At the meeting, we were all encouraged to talk about our current intentions and share goals we achieved in our past.

When it was my turn to speak, I felt pretty good.  For at least a year, I was hard at work on my goals and I had some great news to share.  My story began with the reveal of how I utilized the principles learned from "Write It Down, Make It Happen" to nearly double my annual salary.  In my mind, I had achieved a huge feat.  I was certain that the facilitator would use my story as an example of how to do it right.

But the exact opposite happened.
  Instead of congratulating me for achieving the impossible, he looked me intently in the eye and inquired "why don't you use this process to double your income again?" I stood there in complete silence.  Did this guy have the nerve to ask me to double my results a second time? I tried to respond with something clever but the thought of stretching my comfort zone to that level absolutely frightened me.  

My mind was cool with the idea of going from one dollar amount to another. But when asked to double that amount again, it started to freak out.  

I hit "the limitation wall.

The limitation wall is something we're all familiar with.  

We all carry around self-imposed, self-created limitations.  They often lay dormant until we're faced with the possibility of actually achieving our desires.  As long as you stay within your limitations, you're operating within your comfort zone.   The comfort zone feels so warm and toasty that we never stray too far away.

The limitation wall is completely invisible. We're like those dogs wearing an invisible fence collar.  We don't actually see the fence, we just know that if we get too close, we experience a really uncomfortable feeling.  And, like the dog, we run back to safety.  But if we were to persist beyond the uncomfortable feeling, we could experience so many possibilities.  
We should constantly seek out our subconscious limitations.  Once we know they exist, we can figure out a way bypass it.  After the guy challenged me to grow my income to six figures, I started to familiarize myself with the idea of earning large sums of money. Part of the reason why my mind rejected the idea was because it wasn't familiar with that type of reality.  So I spent a lot of time online looking for people who earned six figures.  Familiarity truly helped me lower my limitation walls.  

Some goals I set and achieve easily.  Others remain stagnant.  The reason I make no progress is because of all the hidden limitations manifesting themselves in my (in)action.  This year, I have a couple big goals. Those goals are teaming with limitations laying just beneath the surface.   They're like termites eating away at the foundation of my goals.  My job is to unearth and destroy those limitations one by one.  And that exactly what I'm going to do.  

If you are having trouble figuring out what your hidden limitations are, start with your language.  Listen for where you tend to make the most excuses.  That's where the truth lies.  Excuses are how we verbally express our limitations.  

If there are things you know you should be doing, yet you remain stuck, you've hit your limitation wall. Don't just stand there, ask yourself the important questions and start chipping away at your fears.  Limitation walls aren't really there. We've put them there in our minds. We're keeping ourselves away from our own desires.  Let's stop doing this. Let's operate with zero excuses and limitless possibilities.


  1. I tried this! It wasn't life changing, but there was a definite difference. Will try it again with different mascaras to see the effect. LIke you I have puny lashes so any new technique is helpful.

    1. Try a volume mascara for the layering part of the technique. That should work.


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