The 7 Day Experiment that Created My Ideal Self

Last week I posted on Instagram about an experiment where I would visualize at least twice a day.  I set this intention was to see if I could impact my ability to manifest.  In the past, whenever I placed a lot of mental energy to focus on a clear outcome, that outcome would (eventually) take form.

Most of the time, it takes a while for the intention to show up in reality.  I very aware of that. So when I embarked on this little experiment, I didn't expect to notice any results right away.  But, in just a few short days, I noticed a shift start to occur.
 Let me start off by saying that I didn't do a great job during this experiment.  I didn't block out a specific time each day to do the exercise. Instead, I squeezed in a few minutes here and there.  Sometimes I'd visualize when I first woke up. Other times, I'd take a few moments whenever I could.

Within a couple of days, I noticed something start to take place internally.  It was like that feeling you get when you start working out again after being on hiatus for a while.  It felt good to get the blood flowing again.

Shortly thereafter, I started to take on the characteristics of the "ideal version of myself."  There are several versions of me.  My favorite one shows up when I meditate regularly.  This version likes to a clear, clutter-free environment.  She likes to work with a high degree of focus to clean up her to-do list.  She enjoys making salads and eating fresh fruits.  She likes to buy me flowers and splurge luxurious scented candles.  She makes sure my nails are done and that I visit the gym multiple times a week. All the habits that I normally struggle with come very easy for her.

 She's amazing and I love her dearly.

But she doesn't always stick around.  After a couple of weeks of spending time with her, the other version starts to show up.  That version of me likes to procrastinate, craves junk food and allows my environment to become a disorganized mess.

If I had to choose between the two, I obviously prefer to experience the "ideal version".   This week, I was reminded that she prefers to come around whenever I am living a conscious lifestyle.  Living consciously means getting connected to my inner self.  Meditation, for me, is the fastest route to get there.  There are countless benefits available from taking a few minutes each day to focus on your breath.  But my favorite side effect is experiencing the type of person I become because of it.

This little 7-day experience reminded me of how far I veered off course.  These next 7 days will be a continuation of the experiment.  But instead of haphazardly doing a couple minutes of visualizing here and there, I'll be much more intentional.  If I want to consistently operate as my ideal self, this needs to be a daily routine.

If you feel a bit disconnected from your ideal self then it's time to turn around before you stray too far.  For me, meditation is a tool.  Maybe for you,  it's treating yourself to a spa day, going for daily walks, or writing in your journal every night.   Whatever it is, do it (and do it as regularly as possible).

 My goal, now, is to live as my "ideal self" for as long as possible.  Instead of enjoying her for weeks at a time, I want to see what happens when I operate in this state for months.  I can only imagine what I can accomplish if I live this way for the rest of the year.


  1. The idea of multiple version of yourself, very insightful. Thanks for this, your motivational posts are always spot on.

    1. Thanks MrsT. Give this method a try and see if you like the experience.

  2. The only question I was left with after reading this is - what sort of things were you visualising?
    Oh and this just came to me - How do you get your visualisations to feel real? Being that the point of visualising is to "feel" that you are in the mental image that you are creating.

    Thanks in advance!

    1. MsFaithful, I may have to answer your question in a new post altogether because it's such a good one.


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