Karrueche Tran's Sauna Routine is Everything! (and I've made it just a little better).

I followed Karrueche Tran on SnapChat specifically to see if I could learn of 1or 2 of her beauty secrets.  Months went by and I got no insight into what she does to maintain her glowy skin.  Then suddenly, and out of nowhere, the floodgates were opened.

The other day, randomly struck "beauty secret gold" on Snapchat.  There before me was Karrueche Tran, sitting in an infrared sauna.   As the second video appears, we see her wearing what appears to be a clay facial mask.
Karrueche proceeds to tell us that she applied the mask in hopes of promoting a deeper cleanse now that her pores are opened.

Suddenly, a new image flashes as Karrueche generously snaps a pic of the actual face mask she's wearing.  It's a familiar brand that I'm sure we've all seen before.  Little did we know that Origins' Clear Improvement Charcoal mask was one of her all-time favorites.
Cut scene to a short clip where we hear sounds of running water as Karrueche prepares for her post-sauna shower.

Basically, Karrueche completely inspired me to build out an entire sauna beauty routine that looks something like this:
+ First, we can start the process by dry skin brushing to help loosen up dead skin on the body.
+ While in the sauna, we bring our deep cleansing clay mask to take advantage of the open pores. Side note, I've applied pre-poo or conditioner in an infrared sauna before and my hair always feel stronger, more hydrated, and more resilient afterward. If you don't want to deep condition while in there, perhaps you can experiment with the moisturize, seal then heat method.   In my experience in using a regular vs. infrared sauna, the infrared doesn't dry out my hair.  Which means I can enjoy multiple sessions without fear of promoting dryness.  I have a feeling that applying the moisturize, seal & heat technique using an infrared sauna may produce favorable results.
+ Once out of the sauna we shower. But instead of just a plain old shower, we take full advantage by utilizing our salux cloth or Italy towel to reach our full exfoliation potential.   If you are washing your hair afterward, perhaps this would be a good time to do some scalp exfoliation as well.

+ Lastly, we nourish our bodies.  The very first time I ever received a professional massage, the masseuse quickly handed me a cup of water post-session and encouraged me to drink lots of water over the next couple of hours to help rid the body of toxins released by all of the stimulation.  We should follow the same advice following a sauna session not only because we're more dehydrated but to also help promote the detoxing process.

+ Next, we're graced with a simple image of a plastic "shot glass" filled with an opaque liquid.  Karrueche identifies it as a mineral shot.  Although I'm not certain, I speculated that perhaps she consumed the liquid vitamins immediately after her sauna experience.  If so, this would totally be in line with our theory of leveraging increased blood circulation to create even more benefits.
+After getting rehydrated, we give our bodies nutrients.  Liquid nutrition will be well received especially since our blood circulation has been reactivated. Your options are endless. You can reach for a beauty promoting tea, liquid minerals, or a shot of fresh veggie juice.

Speaking of fresh juice, Karrueche also granted us a quick glimpse of her Wellness Shot consisting of ginger, cayenne, lemon, and garlic.   I'd like to announce that after learning of Karrueche's health tonic routine, I've purchased the necessary tools required so that I too can indulge in health tonics on a daily basis.

More details coming tomorrow.....

But in the meantime, I encourage you to seek out a local center that offers infrared sauna sessions/packages.  I first got into the scene by purchasing inexpensive sessions from Groupon.  I loved the experience so much that I invested in an at-home unit.  The benefits I've experienced range from softer skin to healthier hair (when coupled with wash day) better sleep, etc.  Beyond that, my husband uses it sometimes to alleviate muscle soreness.  There are too many benefits to list.  Please consider making this a part of your self-care routine.

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