This Double Scalp Exfoliation Method Really Works! (Before & After Video included)

Healthy Scalp
Every year, I go on a semi-annual rant on scalp health.  Feel free to check out an archive of my scalp related posts here. As someone with chronic scalp issues, I long for the day when I can truly enjoy a healthy scalp once and for all.  Let me tell you, the struggle is real.  During the summer months, I'm constantly looking for ways to remove the excess buildup from sweating.  In the winters, my dermatitis flares up which means lots of flakiness and extreme shedding.

I've tried various DIY scalp concoctions like whipping up my own sugar scalp scrub.  That was a complete fail for me as I battled endlessly to get those tiny sugar grains out of my hair.  There was that one time that I did a bentonite clay mask but something went horribly wrong.  It over stripped my hair and set off a chain of events that lead to a heart-wrenching setback.  From that day forward, I swore off at home scalp detox and set search for a professional product that would create real results once and for all!

That day has finally arrived.
Just recently, I shared with you the 2 step exfoliation technique that worked beautifully to lift away dead skin. Today I bring you with a similar method that's proven to completely clear the scalp of waxy buildup with just one treatment.

It almost sounds too good to be true. And if I hadn't seen the results with my own two eyes, I wouldn't have believed it.  I landed on two separate videos which featured before and after close up pics of the scalp following an enzyme based exfoliating mask treatment.  An enzyme scalp mask is ideal because only the dead skin is targeted. When you treat the scalp with enzymes prior to shampooing, you create the perfect opportunity for the dead cells to be easily whisked away.

The same scalp cleansing product was used in both videos. This miracle product I speak of is Philip Kingsley's Scalp Exfoliating Scalp Mask.  Its active ingredients are enzyme derived exfoliators with the ability to gently lift dead skin cells with just one use.  And these aren't just some over exaggerated product claims.  In the videos, we hear from real life trichologist(s) who share clear video evidence of what this product can actually do.

In step 1 of the process, you use a targeted exfoliating product with the ability to lift dead skin. Then you move to step 2 where you remove the build up with your shampoo.  Without the pre-treatment step, your shampoo is rendered useless.

I've always wanted to have my scalp scoped (viewed under a microscope). I'm pretty certain that there's quite a bit of build up. I almost paid for the service once, but now I feel confident in just purchasing the scalp exfoliator outright because I'm pretty certain of the outcome.  Shampooing is not enough, people!  We need to make a deliberate effort to keep our scalp in a healthy state.

I did some additional digging and found this product from Alterna Caviar.  I see that they offer a set of 12 individually packaged enzyme scalp treatments in one order.  I may give this one a shot.

But enough of my rambling, check out the videos below and see the before & after results for yourself.

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