[Try This] The Double Exfoliation Flawless Skin Technique I learned from an Esthetician

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Every so often, I'll watch esthetician training videos on Youtube for a better understanding of how to use the professional facial tools I've amassed over the years.  This weekend, I invested over an hour to watch a woman painstakingly conduct a multi-step facial.

After thoroughly cleansing the client's skin,  she began the exfoliation process.  But instead of reaching for a granulated product, she grabbed a papaya enzyme complex mask and applied it using a skin brush.   She explained that the mask interacts with the enzymes in the skin to begin the dead skin cell proliferation process.

Once the mask fully covered the client's face, the woman gave her a soothing facial massage.  After the massage, she did the unexpected.
Instead of rinsing the skin or removing the mask with a damp cloth, the esthetician reached for her ultrasonic facial scrubber.   Most of you might remember when I gave my first impressions on this electronic exfoliation tool.  It uses ultrasonic technology to deep clean the pores.

Typically, I've used my tool after cleansing to remove the excess water from my skin.  My method worked well enough but I was using it far below its fullest potential.

But this esthetician showed me how to use the scrubber in a way that improved my results ten fold.

Instead of rinsing the mask, she leveraged the scrubber to both remove product and to lift the dead skin cells loosened by the enzyme mask.  It was like a double exfoliation.  As we've learned from Beyonce's regimen, fruit enzymes have the ability to gently lift dead skin cells without disrupting healthy skin.

In essence, the esthetician was "pre-loosening" her dead skin so the scrubber could easily lift and remove it from the surface.  It's like letting your dishes soak in hot water before you start the scrubbing action.
I thought her technique was brilliant and I could not wait to try.  That night I was attending a holiday party and wanted to try out this method as part of a pre-night out ritual. Since I didn't have a papaya enzyme mask on hand, I substituted Cure Aqua Gel Exfoliator instead.  As you may recall, Cure is a really gentle exfoliator which I thought would work perfect for my first experience in "double exfoliating."

After using the scrubber to remove the Cure Gel, I could barely keep my hands off my face.  My skin was noticeably brighter and soft to the touch.  It was obvious that my skin was properly exfoliated.  Best of all, both the Cure Gel and the Ultra Scrubber are extremely gentle on the skin.  This means no redness or inflammation, which is a perfect way to create that glow we all want on a night out.

If you don't have the scrubber, you can experiment with a pre-exfoliating product before using your Clarisonic. Or prior to us using a granulated product. Peter Roth Thomas has a pumpkin enzyme mask with fruit enzymes and skin resurfacing granules.  It's like the best of both worlds.  My only advice is that you don't use a chemical acid exfoliator and manual method.  That may be too harsh. But a fruit acid combined with a gentle manual exfoliation seems to be a winning combination.

You can check out the full ultrasonic facial video here.


  1. Thanks for the info! I have both the peter thomas ross mask as well as a pumpkin mask by anndalou naturals that I love. Can you share the link to the video you watched? Thanks :)

    1. Hi Sateona, I'll go back and add it into the post so you can check it out.

    2. Thank you :) By the way I have been reading your blog for yours and appreciate sharing so much helpful info!


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