[Try This] Gabrielle Union's look done by Kim K's MakeUp Artist

I've been on this kick in 2016 where I stalk celebrity makeup artists for glimpses of their favorite technique/product that they swear by.  So far, I've learned a lot of little helpful tips from Beyonce's artist, Sir John.

Recently, I learned of Mario Dedivanovic who responsible for Kim Kardashian's flawless looks.  The minute I found out who he was, I searched for his Instagram.  After a bit a scrolling, I stumbled on a pic that immediately caught my eye.

It was Gabby Union sitting in what appears to be the guest couch on a late night talk show.  In the caption Mario invites his followers to take a guess at the lip combo used to create this gorgeous look.  The only hint he provides is that he's been using this specific combination of products for years.

Several commenters shared their best guesses for which products were used.  Unfortunately, Mario never reveals this secret.

What kind of stalker would I be if I didn't do some digging online in search of more clues?

In one of the countless articles I read, I learned that Mario prefers to use a lip liner that's deeper than your natural lip. He revealed that he often likes to line the entire lip with a pencil and fishing the look with a gloss or balm.  Then I recalled one of the commenters who guessed that Mario used a combination of MAC's Chestnut Liner and Oh Baby Lip Gloss.  Although Mario never confirmed, I realized that I had both products in my possession and decided to give a go.

After a few minutes of searching, I couldn't find Oh Baby but I did find MAC's Spice (which a couple other people guessed in the comments).  The final result of the two paired together looked very much like Gabby's lips in the picture.

I was elated.  The combination was ultra flattering and very wearable.  But then I glanced at her eye makeup and wondered if I could create a look inspired by what he created.  What I love about what Mario did with her eye is that it didn't seem overdone.  No bold winged liner, no false lashes.  Like Gabrielle, I don't have much lid space. I have somewhat of a hooded lid while Gabby has smaller lids (before her crease).

As a master makeup artist, Mario took advantage of the entire eye space to compensate for the small lid.  So I rushed to find my Morphe palette then proceeded to blend the shadow on my lids almost toward the brows.  The final look was amazing. The combination of the chocolate lip and lid complimented my features so well.  Best of all, it was super easy to recreate.  I think this look will be my new signature face.  Now I get why Kim hired this guy immediately after he first did her makeup at a magazine shoot.  He understands the subtleties that flatter the women he works on.  Mario's also done the faces of Naomi Harris, Chanel Iman, and Jourdan Dunn.  This man knows how to highlight and accentuate the natural beauty of this clients.

p.s. He's also a fan of the liner layering method for those times when you want to do a bold cat eye.

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