Monday Motivation | Don't Expect Anything to Change in 2017 Unless You Apply This Scientific Principle

The New Year is upon us.  I'm sure most of us are still carrying around the feeling of euphoria that fills us this time of year.  We're all excited about about the wonders that await us over the next 12 months. We can't wait to experience new successes unlike anything we've ever had.
Snapshot from a Vision Board creation party I recently attended
What if I told you that this year has a high likelihood of resembling the year before.  Would you be shocked?

I'm not trying to be a Debbie Downer but it's better that we talk about this now while the year is still young.  Basically, no matter how positive we feel about '17, it might not be any different than years prior.  Those same big goals might linger on your list for years.  But there's a way to change that.
Before we get into the nitty gritty, I feel that we need to get familiar with a scientific law that holds the key to all of our success.  What I'm referring to is the Law of Inertia which states:
"An object in motion stays in motion with the same speed and in the same direction unless acted upon by an unbalanced force." 
..."with the same speed and in the same direction."
..."with the same speed and in the same direction."
..."with the same speed and in the same direction."

To me, these simple words reveal the entire truth of how to create the transformation we desire.  Basically, nothing changes on its own.  Your life, the way it is today, will continue down a similar path (aka your default future).  Sure, things might get a litter better (or worse) but it'll pretty much stay the same.

But alas, there's a second aspect to Newton's Law that is a real game changer.  There's this concept of "an unbalanced force" which has the ability to change the object's direction

If we continue to execute the same day over and over again, there is no unbalanced force to create an alternate outcome.  I experienced this first hand pretty much all of 2016.  At the start of the week, I'd be like "ok, this week is going to be amazing, I'm getting all this stuff done and I'm gonna rule the world!!!"

By Friday, I'm looking at myself in the mirror like...

....and asking "what did I even do this week?"

The reason why this scenario kept happening is simple, I woke up and relieved the day nothing changed. There was no impact to my week (or my life).  Now I know better. If I want to create a powerfully productive week, I've got to ask myself, what I need to do differently?  I need to shake up that equilibrium that keeps producing the same outcomes over and over again.

This year, I've got some new tricks up my sleeve.  I'm older and wiser in my understanding of how change is really created.   Let's not allow 2017 to move at the same speed and in the same direction as last year.  Heck, even if you had a great year, you can still focus on increasing the speed at which you're achieving your goals, while maintaining the same direction.

Let's cause great outcomes in 2017!   I'm grateful to have all of you guys with me for this amazing ride.


  1. You mentioned in this article that you now know how to implement change in your life and I was wondering if you could write an article summarising the different ways in which a person can implement change in their own lives.
    Thank you and happy new year!

    1. Hi MisFaithful! I'll probably dedicate an entire post to this but, long story short, the best way to implement change is to engrain new habits/actions into your day.

  2. This is exactly what I didn't know I was trying to explain to myself in my approach to 2017. This hit the nail right on.
    A bright and successful year to you!

    1. Thanks Josie! I wish you tremendous success as well!


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