The Clever Hack I discovered that recreates the Perfect Dewy Cheek

The other day I visited Glossier's website to repurchase a lost item and try something new.  On the one hand, I was bummed that I couldn't find my tube of balm dotcom, but on the plus side, it gave me the opportunity to try a product that I've had my eye on for quite a while.

After adding cloud paint to my cart, I was feeling really good about myself.  I was super hopeful about the potential of using a cream blush for the first time ever.   Blush has been one of my biggest challenges since forever.  It never looks good on me.  And the powdery finish is too reminiscent of the 80s for my taste.  As someone with big cheeks, putting brightly hued powder only accentuates them so I stay away. But, I still wanted to experience the look of blush....just in a modern way.
@diarrhaxo wearing Cloud Paint in Haze.
Instead of looking like I have clown cheeks, I want to replicate the look of flushed, healthy skin.  Cloud paint seemed like the answer.
When package arrived, I instantly knew that I had purchased the wrong shade.  Even before applying the product, I knew it would disappear completely into my skin upon application.  And it did.

My spirit was crushed as I reached out to customer service to request a return label.

But all hope was not lost.  After taking a peek around the internet, I learned that Glossier's Haze Cloud Paint would probably be a better option for darker complexions. So I went back to try it again.  This time I crossed my fingers hoping that Haze would be my salvation.

But I was so amped to try a cream blush that I couldn't wait days for a new delivery to arrive.

So I scurried over to my makeup stash to see if I could find a way to replicate this look with what I currently own.  I found a few websites that recommended blending your favorite blush with oil and dabbing it on the cheek.  That was a flop.  Too greasy

Another recommended combining blush with lotion.  I didn't even try that idea because I knew my skin would absorb it too quickly.  Plus I wouldn't be able to produce that same hint of glow using plain moisturizer.  I played around with one idea after the next until I found a product that was a suitable substitute.
@symphanisto wearing Cloud Paint in Haze + Haloscope Quartz via @glossierbrown

I found the perfect combination of pigment with a hint of glow in the form of NARS' velvet matte lip pencils.  Don't let the name fool you.  Although they're referred to as matte pencils, they're still highly moisturizing and glide on like butter.  Since they're technically "lipsticks" there's a great color payoff.  A little goes a long way and it just melts into the skin, unlike traditional blush which tends to stay on the skin's surface.  My cheeks were rosy and flushed but it didn't look like I was wearing blush.  These creamy lip pencils aren't as glossy as cloud paint so the final result is a bit more toned down for an everyday look.

Now, I'm debating on whether I'll even need the Haze or should I continue experimenting with other creamy lip pencils in various shades. It's nice to know that I have alternatives.  Maybe I'll stick with these creme pencils for now and wear cloud paint in the winter when my skin isn't as oily.  It'll be a nice way to create dewy cheeks during the dry winter months.

If you have a few of those creamy lip pencils lying around, give this a try.  I find that nude shades don't really give off the full effect so don't be afraid to experiment with rich berry tones, reds, and pinks.


  1. This product glossier cloud paint would probably be a better option for darker complexions. Thanks for a great review!

  2. glossier cloud paint  is always on my bag, its my best friend


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