#ByePores// My DIY at Home Cryofacial Hack is nothing short of Genius.

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Not long ago I had the pleasure of experience cryotherapy for the first time.  After the lady at the cryo center explained all the details of the treatment, she asked if I had any questions.  "Yes.....uh, do you do cryo facials also?"  Sadly, they didn't offer cryo facials so I made a mental note to search for spas in my city that offered the service.

Not long after, I watched a beauty video on Youtube from a Victoria's Secret model featuring her celebrity facialist. One of the pre-runway tricks shared was to fill a bucket with ice cubes and splash the ice repeatedly on the face.  The alternative was to purchase a set of super expensive cryo-sticks which are basically hand-held tools that you put in the freezer and place on the skin. They're a decent option, but they cost over $100 and I knew they couldn't create the same impact as ice directly on the skin.

Should I pay $50 or more for a single facial cryo facial session or do I buy the fancy stainless steel ice facial sticks?

The answer is neither! Because I've come up with a nifty little hack so that we all can enjoy cryofacials for just pennies a day.
Before I talk about the how, let's first discuss why cryo facials are even worth trying.  In my opinion, ice is a very underrated beauty secret.   Ice is the enemy of inflammation. We know this because we ice our knees & ankles when they swell up.  When I suffered from huge cystic acne breakouts, ice was my very best friend.  The other form of inflammation that ice handles well is morning puffiness.  One way to deal with morning puffiness is to activate your lymphatic system via facial massage. That, combined with ice therapy will guarantee that puffy eyes will be a thing of the past.

The other reason why I wanted to experience a cryo facial so bad is because ice can literally transform the look of the skin.  When we drop the surface temperature of the skin, we disrupt the flow of blood.  The body goes into self-preservation mode and redirects blood flow away from extremities and towards the organs.  As soon as the "danger" has subsided, the blood rushes back to the skin's surface.  The result of this wonderful process is bright, glowing, healthy-looking skin.  The post-ice-facial-glow is something we all should strive to experience because, with increased blood flow, comes heightened nutrient delivery and increased collagen production.

Let's not forget how powerfully, cold temperatures can impact our pores.  If you ever steam your skin to open up the pores, the right thing to do is seal those bad boys shut through the use of ice therapy. Whenever I want to achieve a smooth poreless, face, I just follow this simple 3 step system.
1. Clease using my Clarisonic
2. Steam for a few minutes and apply clay mask immediately after.
3. Tone, then close pores using ice tool.

I've tried a few different ice tools in the past, but this DIY hack is by far the most effective.  Instead of spending my hard earned money on a spa appointment, I picked up an ordinary popsicle maker.  Once filled, I place them in the freezer.  When I'm ready to use it, I remove the tray from the freezer and allow to melt slightly. Then I take one of the water popsicles and rub it on my skin.

Yes, it's cold, but it's way easier than taking a cold shower.  Plus, the nifty little handle means that I don't have to touch the ice with my bare hands.  This makes it so easy to use.  When I'm done, my skin looks so flushed and healthy. Best of all, I can do this as often as I like. No need to set an appointment at a fancy spa.  No need to dunk my hands in a bucket of ice.   Best beauty DIY ever!

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