Become Amazing And You'll Attract Amazing

The year is quickly coming to a close.  How was 2017 for you? Was it amazing? Are you confident in what lays ahead for you in 2018? If you're fully certain that 2018 is geared exceed your expectations, may I offer some advice on how to change your life's direction?

Perhaps there are some goals on your list that you struggle to reach.  Have you ever considered that part of the reason why things aren't falling into place is because of who we are "being."
I've heard multiple people talk about who they are "being."  Whenever my brother wants to accomplish something bigger than he's done before, he doesn't work harder, he shifts his focus to creating a personal transformation.

Years ago, I attended a seminar in which the facilitator invested quite a bit of time on the topic of who we are being.  Basically, our way of being is a culmination of our current actions.   What we do repeatedly (and how we do it) is who we are being.  I know that this concept might be a bit confusing but stay with me.

When you want to create change, but you're operating the same way you always have, it becomes a real struggle.  You can work harder and see some modest improvements.  But if you're trying to create a total transformation, you'll have to really work on yourself.  You'll have to learn to operate in a way that naturally creates (and attracts) amazing results.

Sounds good, but how does someone become amazing?

  1. causing great surprise or wonder; astonishing.

    "an amazing number of people registered"

    synonyms:astonishingastoundingsurprisingstunning, staggering, shockingstartling, stupefying, breathtakingMore
    • informal
      startlingly impressive.

My favorite definition of the word amazing is "startlingly impressive."  Let's say you have a goal to earn six figures in 2018.  When you take an honest look at your actions, would you label them as startlingly impressive?  For myself, I can say that, in most instances, my current way of being is average, not at all impressive.   And I can directly link my results to the way I have been operating.

All of us have experienced times in our lives when our repeated actions have astonished us.  We get laser focused and put a ton of intense effort into what we're doing.  Before we know it, we're enjoying the fruits of our consistent labor. Recently, I watched a video featuring an up and coming fashion influencer.  Her life has changed drastically since she starting gaining notoriety for her personal style and sense of fashion.  When asked for advice about how someone could alter their lifestyle like she has, her response was "become amazing and you'll attract amazing."

Her words really resonated with me because it caused me to take a look at my most recent behaviors. After a bit of reflection, I realized that I wasn't operating in a way that will create astonishing results.

It's time to do some course-correcting.

I'm taking her advice. But, I'll tweak to say "be & feel amazing and you'll attract amazing." If I haven't been operating in an amazing way, I may not suddenly feel motivated behave differently. But, feeling amazing is the ultimate catalyst for me to move in a direction where my actions will follow suit. This basically means raising my vibration by implementing my feel good routine.  When we feel amazing, it because way easier to do amazing things.

Once I start feeling amazing, I'll ask myself, "is what I'm doing now going to create the amazing results that I want?" Would someone look at my actions and be astonished by what I'm doing? Who are some people that I would classify as amazing? What are they doing? Who are they being?"  

Becoming amazing doesn't happen overnight.  It's a process.  You don't have to operate amazingly at everything you do, just in the areas where you want to experience or attract amazing results.  We're trying to match our vibration with what we want to experience. Being amazing is how we get there.


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