This is what will determine if you'll reach your goals

We're nearing the end of the first quarter of the year.  Around this time, I like to take a moment to assess my progress in relation to my goals.  In 2018, I'd like to apply the lessons learned from the goals reached in 2017 along with those that I didn't accomplish.

After taking time to dissect the reasons why some goals happened, while others didn't, I've finally realized the ultimate factor in goal achievement.
The differentiator was very clear.  The goals that I reached (or made huge progress on) were the ones where I allocated a bulk of my time.

I know this seems like common sense but you'd be surprised.  On several occasions, I would declare a desired outcome as a goal. But that was pretty much it.  I kept saying that I wanted it but nothing changed in my daily life.

  • We all have 24 hours in the day.  
  • Each of those 24 hours is already occupied with our current actions.  
  • Our current actions produce our current results.
  • A new goal is essentially a desire for a new result.
  • In order to produce a new result, you have to put the time in. 
  • If nothing changes in your daily/weekly routine, you will not likely reach your goal.
  • This is because your current routine is producing your current results.

It's as simple as that.  

I can easily point out the intentions I've set but haven't allocated any time. Those can't be classified as goals. They're more like wishes.  I wish they would somehow manifest without any effort on my part.  Realistically, they probably won't happen.  Not unless I do something about it. 

 On the flip side, I set a clear goal for Q1 of this year.  I've also dedicated lots of focused time and attention toward the realization of that outcome.  I'm happy to report that I'm currently enjoying the fruit of my labor.  

Sure, I had to switch some things around in my routine to make it happen.  But it was worth it.  Going into this second quarter, I will follow the same process.  I'll take a look at my list of goals and ask myself "which of these areas would I love to experience the most progress?"  I'll then select the top 1 or 2 goals and make a plan to allocate adequate time towards executing actions that lead me directly to that result.  

It's Monday.  A great activity to try is to review your actions over the past 7 days.  How much of your time last week was allocated towards reaching your goals? Not much? No worries....we have this week.  And with longer days ahead, we have fewer excuses to get the wheels in motion.  

Pick out your focuses for this week and establish a plan to ensure you are proud of yourself by the end of the next 90 days. 

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