FOTD // The Sheer Red Lip

I'm very proud to proclaim that I over half a dozen various variations of red lipstick in my collection.  It took forever to find the shades that most complimented my skin but now I'm good.  Since my skin has improved, I love to rock the unexpected red lip with a toned down makeup look.

For summer, I want to adapt the red lip into something that's a bit more wearable on the daily basis.  Summer is all about effortless beauty.  That's why I'm such a huge fan of the sheer red lip.
Years ago, I received a makeup gift bag that had a bright red lip gloss.  It remained unopened for a while because the shade of red didn't look like it would suit me.  One day, I decided to finally test the lipgloss before chucking it in the trash.  Much to my surprise, the gloss actually pretty sheer leaving behind a hint of red on my lips.  What I love most about the sheer red lip is that so wearable.  I'm still wearing a red lip but it's a bit more casual and subtle.  Instead of wearing heavy, opaque lipstick, it's like I'm enhancing the natural lip color.  Like blush, but for your lips.

If you don't have a sheer red lipgloss on hand, this look can easily be recreated by using a red creamy lip liner (like NARS Cruella) paired with your favorite gloss.  I prefer Glossier's Balm Dot Com because it perfectly nourishes and hydrates without adding too much shine. Or, you can reach for Fenty's Gloss Bomb to take the shine levels up a notch.  Nude lips are cool and all but it's been done a thousand times.  Let's try something new this summer.  There are a plethora of tutorials on YouTube that feature the traditional red or nude lip on women of color.  The sheer red lip is a combination of the best of both worlds.  It's like a nude lip, but better.

The tutorial below, she creates the quintessential summer nude lip.  It's sheer, fresh and flawless.  You can use her technique but with reddish (or pinkish) hues to create the perfect glossy lip.

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