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Summer is an interesting time.  Sometimes the heat is so unbearable that we often sacrifice style for comfort.  The hotter it is outside, the more I dress down.  Dressing down is great but sometimes you still want to look a bit more polished.  I'm putting together ideas on simple, easy to execute looks that seem completely effortless but look well put together.

While looking for inspiration, I found a simple outfit combination that looks great on pretty much everyone.  It's perfect for casual lunches or errand days. All you have to do is follow one simple fashion rule.

And that simple rule is this:

Pair your nude sandals (or pumps) with a nude top.

Nude shoes had a big moment a few years ago.  At the time, they basically became the new "black."  Since then, I've noticed that nude shoes aren't as popular as they used to be.  This is good news because they aren't seen as trendy, which means that you'll stand out from the crowd in your flesh-toned pumps.   This look has more impact when paired with black distressed jeans.  This allows the neutral top to take on more of a central role.  What would otherwise be a basic clothing item suddenly becomes the staple of a simple, yet stylish look.
Notice how all three women forgo the addition of too much jewelry and other accessories.   That's because a neutral-hued blouse is reminiscent of skin.  Summer is all about fresh glowing skin which is why I adore this look.   Feel free to play around with various tones of beige and brown until you find the shade that best suits you.  The key to this look is to try to match the shoes with the top you're wearing.

Pair a neutral toned blouse, tank, bodysuit, or tee with your favorite jeans, and voila! You have an easy, understated look that took little effort to pull together.  Heck, you probably already have all the pieces in your closet right now.

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