Try This // The Foundation Contour (for those of us with two-toned skin).

When contouring gained popularity, I took a look at the technique and decided that contouring wasn't really for me. But, at the same time, I realize that simply applying one shade of foundation over the entire face can sometimes produce a result that's flat and monotone. 

I thought there was no solution to the problem...until now.
Trying to match foundation isn't easy. Then you add the complexity of having skin that's essentially two-toned which makes it a tad more difficult.  Thankfully, professional makeup artist Priscilla Ono has revealed the answer to our woes. 

In a recent IG story shared on Fenty Beauty's page, Priscilla used a foundation application technique that could change our lives forever. 

The method is simple,  Priscilla used a common sense approach to foundation application by matching the darker areas of the lower part of the model's face with the appropriate shade.  She then uses a lighter foundation on the cheeks and high points of her face. 

In today's world of over contouring, you'll often see beauty gurus using concealer on the high points of the face.  The end result can sometimes look a bit over dramatic and not practical for everyday life.  Priscilla's method is the perfect alternative. What we love most about her foundation contouring approach is the natural looking end result once the two shades are blended perfectly together at the seam.  If you want to contour to further define cheekbones, you still can.  But you may find that you won't need to go overboard with the contour because your face isn't as one-dimensional after applying two shades of foundation. 

Give this method a shot, I'm sure all of us have a couple of bottles of foundation laying around in two different shades.  Instead of blending two shades into one to create an alternate formula, maybe this ombre foundation method could work better for you.

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