5 Ways to Take Your Flat Braid Style to the Next Level!

Yesterday, I made an impromptu trip to Marshall's to see if I would stumble on some interesting finds.  While standing in line, I noticed that myself and the two women in front of me, were wearing the same hairstyle.  All three of us wore our hair in two large cornrows. Another thing we all had in common is that we were dressed down and put no extra effort into our appearance before leaving the house.  I could have excused my behavior by saying that I left the house to visit my mom and had not made the decision to visit Marshalls until that last second.  But, truth be told...I had no excuse. 

Wearing two large braids was an easy option.  It had been raining on and off so wearing my hair out was a no-go.  This style is simple and no fuss.  And, at the same time, this style can look extremely basic and underwhelming,  especially if you're dressed down.  It was at that moment, that I decided to seek out inspiration on how to enhance one of my favorite go-to hairstyles.

I have some of those gold hair cuffs laying around from the time I wore faux locs and I never once thought to embellish my cornrows with them.  As soon as I placed a few of those tiny gold cuffs sporadically in my hair, my entire look changed.  Suddenly, those braids transformed from looking like an afterthought to and intentional hairstyle.  Next, I'm going to pick up gold braiding string just to switch things up.

Let Loose

When I got home from Marshalls, I immediately proceeded to unbraid the hair about up to my ears leaving half my hair braided and the rest in loose waves.  As soon as my husband walked through the door, I was met with compliments about my hair.  If I were wearing double braids as a protective style, but had to got out for dinner, it would only take a few minutes to unbraid and completely transform my look.

Twisted Sister

Reflecting back, I realized something...If I wear the exact same style but instead of braiding my hair, I twist it, I tend to get random compliments from strangers.  Why is that?  I'm guessing that this happens because when I wear two large twists, my hair looks a bit more impressive.  It displays my length and volume better than when my hair is braided closely to the scalp.  The large twists appear a bit "softer" and more refined.  Twists also can be worn whether you're dressed up or down which makes it a bit more versatile. 

Bunned Up
If this is your go-to protective style, why not take it all the way by putting your ends up and away from potentially brushing up against your clothing.  The most effective (and beautiful) way to do this is by finishing off the look by bunning.  I like the idea of wearing buns with braids because this pairing is so unexpected and different.  The reason why my hair looked exactly like the two women in front of me is because we put no additional thought, effort or creativity into our look. 

Go Long

The most effective way to elevate the look is by adding additional length.  Not long ago, I purchased some hair and used the feed-in method to extend the length of my braids.  Best decision I ever made.  Suddenly my boring braids looked like a polished hairstyle.  I pay close attention to how people react to me based on how I appear and this style definitely produces a positive reaction.

With at least 5 options to choose from, I have no excuse to leave the house with basic braids ever again.

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