IG Beauty Secret \\ The Two Lip Products That Create the Perfect Nude Lip.

Beauty Secrets
You may remember an article I wrote about finding a muse to emulate when you begin your glo up journey.  Well, I'm happy to report that one of my muses revealed one of her signature beauty secrets on Instagram and I can't wait to share it with you today.
I've followed Aliyah Raey for years.  She's classic beauty living her best life in Dubai.  Aliyah has always been a private person, revealing very little about herself.  Lately, she's been solely focused on the launch of her new luxury lingerie brand, Pierre Noir.

One reason why Aliyah was selected as a muse is because she's perfected the everyday makeup look.  Her makeup is understated and flawless.  She's mastered the art of enhancing her natural features in the most beautiful way.

Case in point, Aliyah's signature makeup look is a pinky-nude lip paired with sultry-flirty eyes. What I love about this combination is that it's incredibly feminine and appears effortless.  I've always wanted to master the pinky-nude lip but I admit that it's been difficult because my lips don't have pink undertones. The solution is to find the right products that create the look I'm going for.  So far, I've experienced mediocre results.  But thankfully, Aliyah has revealed the exact combination she uses together for her signature lip.

Thanks to an IG Q&A poll, an anonymous hero asked Aliyah to divulge the lip products used to create her "classy natural" look.
Finally, the secret was revealed.

Aliyah simply uses a combination of MAC Chestnut liner and YSL no. 47.  I'm pretty sure that every single one of us has MAC's chestnut laying around but what makes this YSL lip product so special?
First off, the actual name for YSL #47 is Beige Blouse.  It's a medium coverage lipstick that provides a bit of shine while conditioning the lips.  It's marketed as a hydrating lipstick that supposedly conditions the lips over time with repeated use.  It contains a bunch of oils and extracts that nourish and hydrate.  According to the product description, this lipstick is 65% oil-based...sounds perfect for winter.  Beige Blouse is a soft fleshy pink that's ideal for every day.  Aliyah pairs it with a brown liner to bring balance to the overall look. Filling or lining her lips with a pencil liner would help this oil-based lip color to have a bit more lasting power.

I'm really curious about trying out YSL #47 but I'm also realistic in my understanding that this shade might not fit me as perfectly as it does Aliyah.  Luckily for me, Sephora carries the line and features colors such as #44  (pinkish brown), #86 (spice mauve), #88 (rosy pink).   

You can't imagine how excited I am to break out my MAC chestnut again and play around with pinky hues until I find my perfect match thanks to Aliyah's inspiration.  Hopefully soon, I'll have my own combination that produces the everyday soft pink lip I've always longed for.

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