[style obsession] Dressed In Denim.

I've made commitments to myself to wear dresses more often.  But, people tend to dress down where I live which makes most of my dresses a bit too formal for daily wear.  The solution to this dilemma is the dress that's absolutely perfect for shopping, running errands or even a brunch date with Mr. Hopefully.

It's the demin dress.

Why do I love denim dresses?  I consider them as timeless and classic.  Sure, they aren't as formal as other styles of dresses but that doesn't mean that they shouldn't be staples in our closet.

If you haven't found a denim dress that you love, it's because you haven't been looking hard enough.  You've probably dismissed them as outdated, frumpy or even a fashion no-no.  I'm here to invite you to think differently about the underappreciated demin dress.

Fun fact, I met my husband wearing a jean dress.  Back then, I owned several because they were my favorite type of dress.  The one I wore, in particular, was slightly form-fitting, yet modest and stylish.  I appeared feminine and approachable because of the casual nature of denim.

What I love about the denim dress is that you can go for whatever silhouette that best suits you.  Pretty much any cut, shade, style, or shape is an option.  Short or long, form-fitting or flowy,  you can find it!

Not ready to go "full denim dress" yet?  That's perfectly fine.  Perhaps you can consider incorporating denim skirts into your style rotation.
Again, you can play around with style, length to find your perfect fit.  Denim skirts are the epitome of casual-feminine-chic, especially if you accessorize with a strappy shoe.  It's a perfect laid-back look that's can still be polished and put together.

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