Cerevie Has a Vaseline Alternative that TikTok Swears By.

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 As you might already know, I’m a believer in the idea of “going to bed greasy” by sealing the skin with an oil or ointment before bed.  This practice is also known as slugging by Reddit’s beauty community.  I’ve seen the benefits of using Vaseline long-term with my very own eyes.  My neighbor is in her late 50’s and looks so much younger thanks to her faithful practice of sealing her skin with Vaseline every night.  

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I’ve always wanted to get into this routine but, deep down, I’ve been a little apprehensive of putting a thick ointment on my face not knowing how my skin will respond. I want to experience all the benefits that long-term vaseline users rave about but haven't been brave enough to take the plunge. 

Then, one day, I happened to be scrolling through TikTok when I was introduced to a product from CeraVe that changed my mind about everything.  

What's important to note is that CeraVe's Healing Ointment seems almost identical to Vaseline but with one obvious difference....it contains ceramides.   Beyond ceramides, CeraVe's Healing Ointment also contains various types of ceramides, hyaluronic acid, panthenol (vitamin B5), and vitamin E.  

The moment I learned about this super-ointment, I immediately purchased a tube so I could see what the fuss was about.   As soon as I smoothed a small amount over my dry lips, I became a believer.  My lips felt instantly softer, more nourished. Then I tested a tiny amount on my legs which tend to get really dry this time of year.  But, instead of using Cereve on both legs, I used Aquaphor on the other. Both are good, but Aquaphor felt greasier, less nourishing on the skin. Both products immediately eliminated all signs of dryness but CeraVe's ointment felt a bit more nourishing...hydrating even.

Although I instantly fell in loved with my new purchase, I was still hesitant to wear it on my face overnight.  Days went by until I finally took the plunge after noticing flaking from reintroducing retinol to my routine.   Before bed, I applied a thin coat of CeraVe's ointment and woke up to wonderfully hydrated skin.  I tried to tell my husband to give it try but, little did I know, that he was already on the bandwagon and had been using the ointment on his face for days.   He had nothing but glowing remarks after switching from Aquaphor to CeraVe. 

With this healing ointment in my corner, I plan on finally pushing past that "awkward phase" where my skin peels uncontrollably any time I go near retinol.  I'll also slather it on all the areas that tend to suffer the most this time of year (heels, lips, hands, etc).  This is easily one of my favorite recent finds and, for that, I'm grateful. 

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