There's a Mask You Wear Under PPE to Prevent Maskne.

I don't know about you, but regular mask-wearing really wreaked havoc on my skin.   Full disclosure, I enjoy wearing masks.  I like the fact that they may add a little extra sun protection vs. wearing sunscreen alone.  I also appreciate the anonymity they offer.  But for the acne-prone, like myself, they provide the perfect environment to trigger breakouts.  As you would imagine, most of my summer was spent trying to address random breakouts on my cheek jawline.  Months later, I’m still dealing with the aftermath.

Could things have been different if I had known about MasqueBar's Sheild & Soothe Hydrogel Mask?

The first time I saw someone wearing this half mask, I thought "why did it take me so long to become aware of this?"  The idea is a stroke of genius.  Imagine the beauty of masking publicly without anyone knowing.  While on a long flight, you can discretely keep your skin supple and hydrated.  If your work requires you to wear a mask for hours on end, a demi-sheet mask might save your skin. 

This doesn't feel like your typical sheet mask that's typically dripping wet with serum.  MasqueBar thought of everything and realized that a gel-like consistency made much more sense.  A saturated sheet mask wouldn't be ideal under a mask, but a cooling, hydrating gel mask changes the entire game.

I have yet to try a hydrogel mask but I'm reading that they are superior because they offer a better fit and more intense hydration because gel holds moisture better than traditional sheet masks.  Some say that gel masks produce a greater plumping effect than your typical sheet mask.  So not only does this sheet mask help protect the skin from unwanted acne, it might also act as an antiaging tool against signs of aging around the mouth area.  What’s better than that?

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