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 For the past few years, I've cultivated a skincare routine that's been centered mainly around promoting moisture and hydration. So far, focusing on intense moisture working pretty well for me.  The only blind spot in my routine is that I don't directly address hyperpigmentation.  Sure, I take indirect action to keep dark spots at bay (like wearing sunscreen) but I don't have a step in my routine dedicated to addressing discoloration.  

I have a ton of products more than any normal person needs.  I've hesitated on purchasing a product to treat hyperpigmentation because I honestly didn't trust myself to use it consistently.  Consistency is my biggest issue so if I want to treat hyperpigmentation, I have to find a way that will work seamlessly with what I currently do.  

Thankfully, I may have found the solution to my dilemma.

The good people at Ponds have given us a hydrating daily moisturizer that evens out our skin tone with each use.  When I heard that such a product existed, I immediately wanted it.  Even if I skip multiple steps in my skin routine, I will always slather on a moisturizer.  Wearing a moisturizer is a must.  But all the moisturizers I currently use don't do much more than keep my skin hydrated.  

Ponds went above and beyond by developing a hydrating moisturizer infused with active ingredients that make your skin look even better with time.  

Meet Pond's Dark Spot Corrector Clarant B3

I first discovered Pond's Dark Spot Corrector after doing some investigative research for another product that addresses dark spots.  I watched a video where a girl said she tried product A but didn't get the results she was looking for but then started using Ponds B3 and noticed that her skin improved dramatically.  Immediately, my attention shifted to learning more about Pond's cream, and pretty much all the reviews I came across were positive.  

Pond's Clarant B3 Reviews 

For being a drug store product, Pond's B3 seems to be pretty effective.  Based on what I read, it works not only on acne scars but also helps to fade sun spots.  How awesome is that?!  I've seen instances where people are using this cream on the face or body and still experiencing noticeable results.  Check out his review of Pond's B3 to get a glimpse of how well this cream works.

I've been using this product for just a little over a week. Yes, you read correctly. Only a WEEK and I'm already seeing results. I've developed really oily skin over the past years and my face was plagued with dark spots too. I tried many different products, home remedies, EVERYTHING but none ever seemed to work for me. But POND'S Clarant B3 Dark Spot Correcting Cream certainly did. I use it twice a day(in the mornings and evenings) after cleansing, as directed, and my face feels incredibly smooth. My dark spots are already fading and I finally feel like I've found the solution I've been searching for for years.
The cream applies smoothly and doesn't leave my face oily or dry but with just the right amount of moisture. It even has a little nice subtle scent to it. I can also notice the tone of my skin improving and it looks much much healthier than it did a week ago. I am beyond pleased!
I recommend this to anyone who's fed up with their ugly dark spots as I have been. Trust me, you will get quality for your money. And at this better try it out. You won't regret it!

Pond's B3  Dark Spot Correct Ingredients 

What makes this drug store moisturizer work so well?  The main ingredient, B3,  also known as niacinamide.  One of niacinamide's claim to fame is its ability to help restore the skin's moisture barrier. It can also help to promote anti-aging by helping the skin to preserve its plumpness and volume.  This makes it a perfect ingredient to include in a hydrating moisturizer. But beyond hydration, niacinamide can help break down the excess melanin produced by the skin resulting after a breakout or due to sun damage.  Oh, did I also mention that B3 can also help reduce acne by excess regulating sebum production?

I don't know about you but niacinamide sounds like the perfect ingredient to feature in a moisturizer.  Hydration, clearer skin, and fewer dark spots in one product.  What more can a girl ask for?

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