Why Scalp Serums Need to be a Part of Your Fall Hair Care Routine.

Healthy Hair

 I've really been neglectful when it comes to my hair journey.  I've just been letting my hair do its own thing while I focus on the happenings of life.  I can sorta get away with doing the bare minimum during the summer, but when fall and winter roll around, I'll have to get back on my game. 

Because, with fall and winter, comes lower humidity and drier air.  Don't get me wrong, I appreciate lower humidity because I can finally execute hairstyles without the worry of frizz. But, on the other hand, my scalp simply can not handle low humidity weather.  

My dermatitis flares up the second humidity starts to drop.  Not only is my scalp extra dry and flaky, I also experience excessive shedding, especially around my hairline. Then I spend all spring and summer trying to revive my hairline.  

This year, I'm doing things differently!

Before fall even hits, I'm adding a new addition to my hair routine that I hope will make a world of difference.  

The new product I'm introducing?  Hair serum.

In all the decades that I've been caring for my hair, not once have I used a hair serum in my routine.  Scalp serums are a relatively new product category.  Sure, I have a few oils that I like to use on my scalp but, for the colder months, I think a scalp serum will serve a greater purpose....and here's why.

Hydrated Scalp
Infrequent washers, such as myself, deprive their hair, and scalp of access to a vital ingredient....water. I don't use any water-based products on my scalp so the only time it gets a bit of hydration is on wash days.  While I might be able to get away with it surrounded by 100% humidity, it won't work in the winter.  Most scalp serums on the market are water-based which means that I can give my scalp a little access to hydration in between washes.  Hopefully, this will keep some of the dryness and flakiness at bay.  

Growth Promoting
As I mentioned earlier, if I allow my dry scalp to get out of control, I eventually start to experience thinning at my hairline.  This means that I have to work overtime to address the inflammation and hair loss.  Thankfully, most of the scalp serums on the market were formulated to help stimulate and promote hair growth using botanical ingredients.  Using a scalp serum allows me to protect the scalp while simultaneously restoring my hairline. Not to mention that applying a serum regularly gives me an excuse to get consistent with scalp massages.   And since fall and winter are when we experience the most shedding and hair loss, using a serum is a win-win.

Scalp Health
Overall, I'd like to gradually improve the health of my scalp.  As I get older, I realize that my scalp is aging as well.  I've invested in facial care products that hydrate and nourish my skin while also helping to delay the signs of aging.  Up until now, my scalp has had to pretty much fend on its own.  But now I want to enter into a new era where I actually prioritize the actual health of my scalp.  As fall and winter approaches, there's no better time to get started.  

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