Using a Jade Roller and Sheet Mask is Good. But this Facial Tool Works Even Better

Every so often I come across an image of someone treating themselves to a hydrating sheet mask while using a jade roller.  The idea of pairing roller and sheet mask together may seem excessive but it actually makes a lot of sense.  

Sheet masks drench our skin with ample amounts of serum.  We don't want all that good stuff to go to waste so why not pull out our trusty jade roller to help massage some of that in.  Giving yourself a jade roller massage is also an effective way to pass the time while masking.  When I first saw that people were combining masking with jade rollers, I too wanted to try mask-rolling.  

But then I thought of an even better idea.
During a sheet mask session, I asked myself, "what would be the best beauty tool I could use with this to make it even better?"

Only one answer came to mind and it wasn't a jade roller.
To me, the best tool to pair with your sheet mask session is one that involves electrical currents.  Why? Because microcurrent tools work best on ultra-hydrated skin.  Once I realized a sheet mask was the ultimate pairing for my microcurrent tools, I sold my unused, fancy bottle of conductor serum on eBay.  In my humble opinion, no serum can deliver moisture intensity like a sheet mask can.  

I've amassed a modest collection of microcurrent tools and I've tested all of them with sheet masks.  I'm here to tell you that sheet masks raise the intensity of all of them. Some of the popular microcurrent tools can get pretty expensive.  Instead of shelling out hundreds of dollars on a branded one, maybe grab a manual roller that doesn't require a big investment.   If you like massaging your face with a jade roller, this microcurrent massager makes for a nice upgrade that pairs beautifully with any run-of-mill sheet mask.  

If you feel like treating yourself to something a little fancier, you can invest in a Ziip Nanocurrent device.  I remember contemplating between a NuFace or Ziip and ultimately decided to go with Ziip because the potential benefits seemed far greater than skin lifting and tightening alone. Hands down best skincare device I’ve tried yet @ZIIP #skincaredevices #acnetipsandtricks #faceworkouts #PawlidayPics ♬ Get It Girl (from Insecure: Music From The HBO Original Series, Season 5) - Saweetie
My Ziip device on its own is good but a Ziip device paired with a sheet mask is on a whole 'nother level.  

Of the microcurrent devices I own, the Clareblend mini is probably the most powerful.  When I first used it while wearing a sheet mask, my facial muscles actually experienced mild soreness in the same way our bodies feel sore after a workout.  Before incorporating a sheet mask, I had never felt this before...even while using conductor gel.  

Because I can literally feel the increased intensity of combining sheet masks and microcurrent combined, I try not to overdo it.  A toned face is ideal but overworked and overdeveloped facial muscles can produce unnatural-looking results.  The key is to lift the face just enough to appear naturally more youthful & refreshed.

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