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I'm sure that most of us has some type of Indian ayurveda product in our hair product stash whether it be henna powder,amla oil, brahmi powder or whatever it is you fancy. I personally have been using amla oil for my pre-poos since forever and nothing quiet gets my pre-poo right like when I use the amla.

Whenever I prepoo, I first saturate my hair with a thick moisturizing conditioner, then I add a layer of amla over the conditioned hair. A couple hours later I wash the oil out and proceed with my wash routine. To be honest, I was pretty satisfied with my method of application until I saw this video on youtube. Its a promotional video for an Indian spa treatment facility. From the 1:00 minute mark to about 2:06, were are introduced to a demonstration of an ayruvedic treatment where nurishing oil is applied and massaged into the scalp and hair of a lucky recepient.

My first thought was, OMG! How do I learn to do this at home???
Well I don't quite have the answer yet but I do have some thoughts. First I need to refine how I apply my amla oil. Today I pour a small amount in my hand a little bit at a time and apply section by section.

For this treatment, I'll propably have to purchase a plastic application bottle like this one in order to apply the oil evenly throughout.

Next I have to chose a suitable place to apply the oil. I'm thinking the bathtub is th only place I can get away with pouring on that much oil without causing too much damage. My vision of the process would include a large cheap plastic bowl that will serve as the container for the oil run off. Finally I'll likely have to dampen my hair prior to applying the oil so I can replicate the smooth application process witnessed in the video.

I also considered mixing oils just because I don't want to use an entire bottle of amla in one sitting. Luckily for me, I've got tons of coconut, jojoba, avocado, sweet almond and other oils sitting around. I do think, that alma would be the main oil used the first go around. Ultimately, I do forsee this process serving more as a monthly treatment rather than a weekly ritual. Who knows, the labor involved in recreating the ayruvedic hair massage may not be worth the results. If, however, this method turns out to completely revitalize the look and feel of my hair, I'll find a way to work it into my routine at least twice monthly.


  1. I first want to say that I love your blog! I use amla oil as a pre-poo treatment too, and get my hair really saturated (although not as much they do in that video). The way I do it is to part my hair into sections and then use a spray bottle to saturate my scalp and hair. I massage it into the scalp as I'm spraying, and then do a final massage after my entire head is saturated. I then cover it with a shower cap for about an hour or so before I wash it out. I should mention though that I have short (right above my shoulders) hair, so it may be easier to do it this way for short hair.

  2. Oooh, that sounds like my new back up plan in case the other method I plan to try doesn't work out.

    Thanks for sharing Anon!

  3. i have a question, can you use the raw amla powder on relaxed hair?


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