My ayruvedic oil wash results!

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Last time, I talked about this awesome ayruvedic scalp massage treatment commonly practiced in Indian spas. Today, I decided I would treat myself to a modified version of the process while standing up and tell you guys about how it panned out.

First off let me just say that the best part of my experience was getting to use my new applicator bottle I bought from Sally's. This thing is magnificent boys and girls! The pointed tip made applying oils to my new growth a breeze. I felt as if I had so much precision and control during the application. It is by far the best two dollars I've spent in a long time.

So in my bottle I mixed some jojoba oil, meadowfoam seed oil, avocado oil, and amla oil. I created four ounces of oil blend in total. By the way, I didn't create some secret formula, I just mixed some oils together. I didn't measure. I had other oils to chose from but these were the closest to arms reach. I did, however, use more amla in the mix than the other oils. By the way, I should also mention that I did use some conditioner on the dry hair before I added the oil.

So I stepped in the shower and dampened by hair. I made sure that the hair was only damp, not wet. For me the difference between the two is that water drips down the back when its wet. Once my hair was damp I started to apply the oil mix. I concentrated on the scalp because of the amount of new growth I would have to contend with. Plus I hadn't washed in a while and my scalp was an itchy mess. Honestly, I thought that four ounces would result in a large amount of oil run off. Boy was I wrong! My hair drank up the oil like nothing and still was begging for more. After I used up my entire mix, I put on a plastic cap and killed some time cleaning the bathroom. Good thing I did because while organizing by medicine cabinet, I found a nearly full jar of coconut oil! I immediately began filling my applicator bottle with it and used some on my already saturated hair.

Moments later I rinsed and experienced a slight feeling of uneasiness as I touched my oil-laden hair. Next I clarified with Suave shampoo and followed that up with my Hair One conditioning shampoo. The result? My new growth felt amazing....well- defined and moisturized. Once the shampoo was washed out, I no longer had that "my hair is covered in oil" feeling. Now instead, my hair felt stronger and protected. I conditioned as normal and airdryed. I even decided to skip the hair fixer this go-around.

This process didn't feel like a regular pre-poo, it felt more like I was giving my hair a luxurious treatment! I can absolutely see the value in "oil washing" (I just made that up...I think..) going forward. Especially when new growth is involved. I'm sure naturals would love this method because I can't keep my hands out of my "kitchen." Even now as I air dry, my hair is still feeling moisturized strong. I normally load my hair with oils to tame whenever I air dry but not this time. Even my beloved shea oil is getting a break. If I had to sum up the results in one sentence I would say that my hair feels like the oil is in my hair as opposed to on my hair.

I love it!


  1. Great post! I'm going to start mixing a lot of different oils to incorporate them into my pre-poo as well. Do you use castor oil? I tried that last time and my hair felt amazing afterwards, but it is extremely thick.

  2. Dara!
    I love castor oil! I think it's the only oil I don't have right now.

    Castor is a thick oil, great for stretching and air drying though.

  3. Where do you buy your oils? I've looked everywhere and all I can see to find is coconut, grapeseed, and olive.

  4. Hi Anon!
    If you're looking to find the oils locally, check out your nearest health food store like Whole foods and whatnot.
    If there's nothing nearby, you may want to venture online where the options are endless. Off the top of my head, some of the sites worth mentioning are From Nature with Love, NDA wholesale, etc. is always an option.

  5. That is great.

  6. Castor is a thick oil, great for stretching and air drying though.


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