Get fabulous touchable legs with Coconut Oil!

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I know that this is a hair blog featuring topics mainly having to do with hair care but I just had to share this with you all. Coconut oil is one of my favorite oils that I always make sure to have handy. I'm addicted to the shine and suppleness I experience whenever I use coconut oil. I tell you truthfully that I wouldn't trust my braidouts to any other oil. Recently though, I discovered yet another use of this fabulous oil-shaving cream!

Yes, you heard me right, I spread a thin layer of coconut oil (in liquid form) on my legs the other day as an alternative to shaving cream and let me tell you.....I am never looking back. This stuff makes for an incredibly smooth shave leaving your legs silky smooth. I can't keep my hands off them. Now I know I'm sounding like a Nair commercial right about now but I feel that I have a moral obligation to spread the good news of this all natural way to shave. Best of all, I know I'm not slathering a bunch of synthetic ingredients from a product bragging to have an ounce of of plant oil mixed in with their chemicals.

For those of you who have questions about using oil for shaving let me first say that the oil does not interfere with the razor's ability to do its business. And no, the oil won't clog up the razor. The best part about coconut oil is that its a "watery" oil that is basically liquid in warm temperatures. Once you've stepped out of the shower and towel dried, you will not believe the difference. Soft, incredibly moisturized legs. I've even used this method in "other" areas and was pleased with the results.

So there you have it.....a quick tip on how you can have fabulous legs this summer with the help of coconut oil.



  1. I love Coconut oil, i've even given myself the nickname "Nicolecoconut" lol. I'm def. trying this.

  2. I tried this. Although I actually hate the smell of coconut oil, I had some time to kill in the shower while conditioning my hair so I thought I'd give it a shot. This stuff WORKS! I rinsed off my legs and patted dry, and I did not need lotion after that! Warning, your bath tub will be very slippery after!

  3. Thanks for the tip, I think I'll try it!

  4. Thanks for the tip. Another great use of coconut oil. I can't wait to try this!

  5. Anon! I'm glad you tried it..... and liked it !

    Nikki & Mocha: Once you've done it, you'll never go back to using shaving cream again.

  6. I always hated the smell of the coconut oil,but i didn't know it will be this helpful! i will try, and when i do, i will write my comment down!! ThAnX for the tip! :D


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