Minimizing damage from a Dominican Salon blow out

Dominican Salon
Update time!
I wanted to follow up on the technique I described in my last post about how to wash the hair without producing a bunch of tangles in the process. A few days back, I decided to visit the Dominican Salon for a blow out. I actually despise getting a blow out because of the massive amount of tangles I would incur from the wash. Top that off with a busy stylist, a small tooth comb, and voila! (tons of damage).

This time I chose to be proactive. I washed, detangled, and conditioned my hair at home. When I got to the salon all I needed was a rinse and rollerset. Even though I got plenty of stares, walking in with wet hair, it was all worth it.
I think this was one of my best Dominican Salon experiences ever.

Let me tell you more about it via video.


  1. It's pretty expensive, but I know that many ladies get the Pibbs hair dryer. I've heard really good reviews and am saving up for one. Like I said, it is really expensive, but supposedly, it pays for itself quickly and lets you do rollersets and stuff without damaging your hair. Good luck!

  2. yes, the dryer they use is called a turbo.

  3. Wow! The dominican salon that I go to cares about the health of your hair (maybe because she's of african descent). Her and her staff are very gentle use detangling products and use wide tooth combs before and after the wash.

    Blow-outs- they use a spray on the roots to protect the hair ( and makes my hair shiny)

    Keep the tips coming!

  4. I have been following your blog very thoroughly and my hair has thrived in the past 6 months. It has grown to a length that I'm comfortable with since I'm starting college in the fall. Less Manipulation. Thank you so much. You're such an inspiration. I love the Maxwell in your video btw.

  5. Kryslynn,
    You have no idea how excited I am to hear about your hair getting healthier. As you know, I'm all about healthy hair.

    Thanks for the feedback, I very much appreciate it.


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