Bronner Brothers Hair Show: Natural

While taking some pics at the Bronner Brothers Hair show, I caught some beautiful images of women with natural hair. I hope you enjoying viewing these pics as much as I enjoyed taking them.

Recently released rapper, Da Brat, rocked some cornrow braids and a curly faux hawk.

She makes her own jewelry.

It took all of the energy within me not to run my fingers through this woman's hair as she walked past me.

Just gorgeous.....

This woman stood in front of me in line as I waited for passes into the show. I couldn't keep my eyes off her locks. They were beautiful. Check out her feathered false eyelashes.


  1. The pic of the lady you said you wanted to run your fingers through her hair looks like bubblinbrownsugar from LHCF from the side. The pics you took at the show were beautiful.

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