A simple recipe for easier scalp massages!

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While experimenting with various scalp massage techniques, I stumbled upon an idea that was born out of frustration. Lately, I've really enjoyed massaging with plant and eucalyptus oil. It's been very therapeutic for my scalp. My only concern was that I found it a little annoying to pour a little coconut oil on my hand, a few drops of eucalyptus on my fingertips and apply. The whole thing seemed a too labor intensive for me.

So I created a compromise where I combined the two ingredients and created a eucalyptus scalp balm.

What I appreciate about coconut oil is it's ability to solidify under certain temperatures. To me, this is the reason why coconut oil makes for a great base. I start off by pouring coconut oil in a container. I then add some eucalyptus oil to the mix ( I don't measure). As a liquid, there is no separation between the coconut oil and essential oil. This leads me to believe the two ingredients are mixed together fairly well. Sometimes I swirl the jar around just to make sure they are one. After the eucalyptus oil and coconut are combined in a container, I place in the fridge until the coconut oil becomes solid. Once firm, both ingredients are combined completely and mixed evenly.

Once solid, I test how well mixed my eucalyptus-coco blend is by sticking my finger into the mix and giving it a try. With each sample I try from the blend, I can smell the eucalyptus oil. I take this as confirmation that, in one motion, I'm able to apply both coconut oil and essential oil to my scalp. I chose to use a solid form of oil because it stays on my finger tips which makes it easier for me to apply to the specific areas of my scalp and exactly where I want it. While on my finger tips, I may give balm a little rub between my fingers to soften slightly prior to application.

This method has been working out for me very well so I thought I'd share. It's simple, quick and takes care of a need. The convenience of it all makes me more likely to massage my scalp more frequently. Maybe someone else could benefit from this simple technique.

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  1. Applying oil is such a good way to care our hair, but what's most annoying is how to evenly apply oil on the scalp when it's liquid. I think the tip comes in handy for those of us who use oil in our hair care remedy.


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