New growth? What new growth?

One of my intentions for 2012 is to experiment a little more with my hair.  In the past, leaned towards wearing my hair the same way day after day.  This year has been a little different.  I've been rocking some new styles and so far I'm loving the experience.  One thing I need to consider as I try out these new looks is how to keep the momentum going even when I'm deep into a stretch.  If I want to do another five month stretch,  I won't be touching up until around July.  That means that I'll have tons of new growth during the highest humidity months.  One of the reasons why I normally break my stretch is because I find it hard to keep the hair looking presentable after a while.

Lately, I've been experimenting with various style ideas that I think will still look decent even when I have tons of new growth.  The side french braid is one idea. I think I may have found another.

This simple look took only a few moments to create.  All I did was use my head band in a different and new way.  This head band is the same one I'm sporting in the curly haired pic of me on the right side bar of the blog.  What I love about this headband is it's elastic band which allows it to fit neatly on my big 'ole head.  Although this headband has a textured feel to the design, the side touching my head is smooth so it doesn't cause snags.  I think I picked it up at H&M for under $5.00.  

What I appreciate most about this style is the way it draws attention from my roots. The cute headband is the perfect diversion.  And if I wear my hair is big waves or loose curls, then my hair will become the center of attention, not my new growth.


Right now it's just a theory, I actually don't know for sure how this style will look if I tried to rock it three months from now.  While I do have some new growth creeping in at the moment, it's no where near what it will be come July.  But for now, I'll keep this style in the books and continue to experiment.

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