Pink salt, yet another way to promote healthy hair growth

Salt. Who would have thought that I'd be writing a healthy hair post about simple table salt? However, this post goes way beyond the common Morton's salt we all probably have in our cupboards.  No, my friends, today I'm here to talk about something else.  My philosophy has always been to elevate myself in everything thing I do and this new find fits in right along with what I believe.

This salt I'd like to introduce to you is known as Himalayan pink salt.  What makes Himalayan pink salt to special is not just the cute pink color, but the nutritional value of this salt.  See, unlike our common table salt, Himalayan salt is unprocessed.  Common white table salt is equivalent to white bread in that the nutrients have been removed after it's been refined. Once we consume it, our bodies receive nothing in return. In fact, in some cases, the eating processed foods does more harm than good because our bodies uses it's nutrient reserves to digest food that gives back no nutrition in return.

Salt is something we consume in pretty much every meal.  What if the salt we ate contained over 80 easily absorbable trace minerals including silica, yes, I said silica.  The same silica that I rave about over and over again can be found in this special salt.  And what's even more amazing, is that the minerals in Himalayan pink salt are highly absorbable by our bodies.  Pink salt can also help promote a healthy pH balanced environment which is critical for optimal health. I touched a little on this subject on a previous post about alkaline and acid water.

Here's where it gets interesting.  A nine week study done in 2003 by the University of Graz (Austria) split participants into four groups.

-Group 1 participants drank 1.5 liters Fiji water only (Fiji water is slightly alkaline and contains silica as a trace mineral).
-Group 2 participants only drank tap water throughout the day.
-Group 3 participants drank 1.5 liters of Fiji water mixed with a solution of pink salt and water (also known as Sole)
 -Group 4 participants drank 1.5 liters of water mixed with a solution of table sate and water.

The results?  The group that drank the Fiji water and pink salt solution reported "increases in quality of sleep, energy, concentration, weight loss, and noticeable nail and hair growth.  The group with the next best results in the study was the group that drank the Fiji water only.  You can read more about this experiment here. Pink salt is said to have many more benefits but for the sake of our discussion here, we'll focus on the hair and nail growth.  These amazing benefits are possible because when our bodies are in balance, only good things can happen.  It like when the soil is fertile, the crops grow strong and healthy.  I figure that since I use salt when I prepare my meals anyway, why not use a salt that is amazingly beneficial for my hair and body.  Since I've discovered this little pink surprise, I've been using it for cooking.  I also add a pinch of pink salt to my water bottle. Next, I'll prepare the sole solution and add it to my bottle water for my early morning drink.   For those of you who might be concerned with the negative effects of the salt intake, you'll be happy to know that because nature of this salt,  it does not promote unhealthy effects like high blood pressure.  No more white table salt for me,  I'm gonna finish up my white table salt by using it in my shower water softener.

I've only been doing this pink salt thing for a week now.  The immediate benefit I experienced was the elimination of my chronic charlie horse.  Gosh, I used to get those things all the time when sitting at my computer desk.  Seems like when the pink salt came into my life, the charlie horses went away.  Oh, and one more thing...I used to crave salty snacks like chips and, lately, it seems like my "salty tooth" has been somewhat quenched by the addition of the healthy pink salt.  So far so good.  I can't wait to take it to another level with the addition of the sole solution and see what happens next.


  1. I think that ts great that youre doing healthy things but i think you should be cautious about the "research studies" you are trusting. First off, now a days its so eady to create a domain name, simply going to a .org website doesnt mean that the source is legitamate.

    Also, these studies are just typed onto a random website. wheres the sources? wheres the citing? have you ever read an actual scholarly scientific journal article? Where is this lab. All legitamite studies involving humans MUST have IRB approval which means that it is ethical. and it MUST be listed on the research. I don't see a journal article.

    This looks like a scam to me. Please be careful of the sources you are trusting.

    1. Whatever source it is, Himalayan salt is way better than table salt.

    2. Pink Salt cuts into big pharma/business bottom lines. It's so healthy and beneficial you won't need thier services or products. So you will see response's and posts all over the Internet that will attempt to discourage it's use. Don't listen to these greedy control freaks. Buy pink salt, use it and spread the word.
      Power to the simple people whose value can not be taken away from in the eyes of God.

  2. Thanks for including your feedback Anon. In the case of the salt, it's about using a natural version of a product we all use anyway. We all have a choice and perhaps making the decision to use this salt as an alternative can add value to some. I know it has for me.

  3. I started using Himalayan Pink Salt a few weeks ago, had seen it mentioned in a few blogs and books on health and healthy eating. I agree with Nadege that one has fewer cravings for salty food as a result. Also surprised me how much less salt I add to food now.

    The bamboo leaf tea is fab for making my nails and hair stronger - told my hairdresser in London about it and now she asks me for tips on how to boost hair growth and strength!

  4. Just picked some up......LOL!

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