A Mid Summer's Day Dream

I'm attracted to everything about summer. The longer days, the warm sunshine on my skin...all of it. Unfortunately, my work schedule has blocked me from enjoying this wonderful time of year. This is the first weekend in ages where I could actually enjoy the time off.

So I did what anyone would do in my situation, I finally went outside.  I slid on my favorite jeans that I've had for years topped it with a sheer blouse  from Forever 21.
A faux herringbone necklace completed the look.

I allowed my hair to fall on my shoulders in loose curls created using flexi rods.  Not quite sure how long the curls will hold but I'm enjoying the moment while it lasts.  I hope to have many more summer moments like these before fall arrives.


  1. Wow! That gluten free diet is really working for you! You look so slim and toned. Hair as always... Amazing! You are so close to your hair goal yay.

  2. you look stunning, and your hair is amazing.

  3. Beautiful pics but you don't look happy to be in the sun? Where's the smile or was it too hot?


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