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This week I did something I haven't done in quite a while, I colored my hair black. A week prior, I stopped at the beauty supply store to pick up one of my oldie but goodie products, Coppola Intense Rx. While browsing the shelves, my eyes landed on a tube of Sebastian's Cellophanes clear rinse.  I didn't purchase it because of the $40.00 price tag. But as days passed, I couldn't get the memories of past reviews of this product off my mind.

Years ago, Sebastian's clear rinse was the talk of hair forums.  But back then, I wasn't really able to find this product on store shelves. The only other time I saw clear rinse was when I visited a beauty store in Los Angeles. Wondering if this would be my last opportunity to try this product, I convinced myself to go back to the store.  Wouldn't you know it, by the time I returned, the last tube of clear rinse was gone.

So I summoned one of the managers asking him to see if another tube was waiting just for me in the back.  This wasn't the case.  So instead the guy walks me over to a different area and recommended this brand as an alternative.

Since the Mastey Temporelle was on sale, I decided to pick up two for the price of one Sebastian Cellophane clear rinse.  Before I selected these bottles I whipped out my phone in hopes of reading a few reviews online.  Lo and behold I couldn't find hardly any experiences of this product shared online.  I should have took this as a sign.

I mixed both the black and clear rinse together and applied per the instructions.  Also, by mixing the two, the dark color intesity was lessened a bit which is exactly what I intended. There were too many instances, in the past, when I applied a black rinse only to have the black color come out too dark and unnatural looking.

Overall, I'm pretty dissatisfied with the outcome.  This stuff dried out my hair like crazy.  The color, however, is pretty natural. I don't look like I dyed my hair. The color is just a bit darker and richer, that's all.  So now I gotta work to elevate moisture levels back in my hair.  When I wash again in a couple of days, I'll pay very close attention to the pre-poo and deep conditioning step.  I've got a ton of this stuff left and yet I have no desire to use it  ever again.  In two weeks from now, I should be receiving a call from the beauty store manager with a message that my tube of Sebastian has arrived.  I'm hoping  that my experience with Sebastian's rinse will be a totally different from the Mastey rinse and I'll be able to give it a proper review.  Has anyone used the Sebastian rinse? What are your thoughts?


  1. I have used the clear rinse. It is a thick clear gel that u cover ur hair with after a shampoo and you leave it in for twenty min w/a plastic cap under a heat source if u r going for a semi permanent effect. It did not dry my hair out and of course I followed up with a moisturizing dc . I used it 14 weeks into my stretch and the day of my relaxer. No complaints at all. If anything my hair feels more reinforced. I definitely suggest this product. Its worth the hefty price. I have fine thick 4a/4b hair and beginning my hhj and love the energy u put into ur blog to keep us relaxed ladies educated . Thanks nadage

  2. I'd love to try it Anon! What's the name of the product?

  3. Hey Nadege, sorry I mis-spelled your name before... My name is Tess btw..I used Sebastian Cellophane in clear. I am about 4 weeks post my relaxer and will probably do another rinse in 2-3 weeks. My hair has grown so much since I started my vitamin regimen and weekly conditioning treatments and scalp massages. I would say my new growth at 4 weeks is almost what it was at 8-9 weeks! Its crazy I know! But thanks to people like yourself, I know what my hair likes and don't like.

  4. @Anon-I've got a tube of Sebastian clear and I'm scared to use it because of how damaging the other stuff was. I'll probably give it another week or so before I take the plunge. I love to hear about how well your hair is doing. Thriving hair is a sign that you are doing all the right things.


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