Motivation Monday: Here's how to easily accomplish all of your goals

I'm what some people consider a "goal oriented" person.  I'm always thinking about what I want to create and accomplish.  Some of my goals I achieved long ago and some I have yet to experience.  The goals that I have difficulty reaching are what frustrates me the most.  This morning I heard a bit of wisdom that I think may crack the code of accomplishing seemly impossible goals.

In order to consistently stay in the right frame of mind, I like to listen to inspirational/motivational teachings.  This morning I received something so powerful that I felt compelled to share with you today.  The speaker was talking about goals and, in his message, he said these words,

"Your goal (what you focus on) is always what's directly in front of you."  

He clarified by saying that we sometimes set outlandish or grandiose goals for ourselves which can set us up for failure.

  Examples can include:
-"I want to lose 50 lbs."
-"I want to make 100,000 year."
-"I want to find the man of my dreams and get married."
-"I want to have waist length hair by the end of next year."

The list is endless.  Most often, we likely won't be successful at these so called goals. Why? Because, in stating our goals as the end result we want to achieve, we neglect one of the most important aspects of manifesting, which is the consistent action required to create the outcome we want.    The "goal" we set for ourselves is so big that we find ourselves not knowing where to start and, as a result, we accomplish nothing.

One term I like to use instead of the word goals is "intentions."  I'll often say things like "my intention is to have XXX amount in savings by the end of the year."  When the end result becomes my intention, then my goals can become the next steps needed to take to manifest those intentions.  In other words, the goals are the very next actions steps that lead me closer to my intention.

So for example:
Person A has an intention is to lose 50 lbs.  Her goals (next steps) might be:
Goal #1. Join a gym on Friday when I get paid.
Goal #2. Meet with (and hire) personal trainer at the gym to discuss training plan
Goal #3.  Write out a weekly meal list every Sunday.

Notice how when we shift the meaning of goals to intentions, her actual goals then become simple action steps that can be done easily and consistently to bring about her intention.

Person B has an intention to earn $100,000 year.  Her goals (next steps) might be:
Goal #1.  Write down at least 10 ways I can earn money online.
Goal #2. Check out books at library on creating wealth. Select three ideas from the book to implement.
Goal #3.  Discuss ways to increase salary with supervisor on Friday.
Goal #4. Brainstorm talents/skills I have that can create an income for me on the side.
Goal #5. Once I've brainstormed ideas, select two and begin the process of monetizing my skills.

Person D has an intention to achieve waist length by the end of next year. Her goals (next steps) might be:
Goal #1. Identify current issues with hair and establish ways to address them.
Goal #2. Elevate moisture/protein balance by using the best products that address current issues in step 1.
Goal #3.  Purchase hair support vitamin
Goal #4.  Schedule time to do daily scalp massages.
Goal #5.  Write out a detailed weekly wash day schedule that addresses needs identified in step one.
Goal #6. Commit to protective style weekly until next touch up.

Those are some simple examples that help us identify the next step that is in front of us which eventually leads to our intentions.  Once these steps(goals) are accomplished, new ones appear.  All of the sudden, we become high goals achievers instead of being one of those people who dream big and accomplish little.

Did you notice how clear and actionable our goals become when we use this new method? By using these technique, I can accomplish goals quickly on a weekly or even daily basis. This further builds a momentum that allows us to keep reaching our goals. Soon we find ourselves moving at a rapid pace towards realizing our original intentions.   Accomplishing goals consistently helps build confidence and further strengthen your belief in your desired outcome.  Think of this technique as being similar to a soccer match.  The intention is for the players is to win the game. Ultimately, the winning team is the one that scored the most goals.  Without the goals being met, they do not achieve the intention.  I don't know about you but I'm one of those people who gets a kick out of accomplishing tasks on my list which is why I love this method.

Stay motivated.


  1. Hello Nadege. I really like your words of wisdom. This is a very interesting approach.

    I am usually a very dynamic and goal-oriented person but lately I have been in some sort of rut: as if I was on auto-pilot: waking up, going to work, managing the house, and repeat.

    I am looking forward to formulating some new positive intentions for the next year and your post is the perfect motivation.

  2. @ Khady,
    We all get into ruts as part of human nature. That's why I refresh my mental being by listening to wisdom that inspires me. You are still a dynamic, goal oriented person, it's all about focusing actions that align with who we are.

    Be blessed.

  3. I really love this post it offered many good tips. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Nadege this is just what i needed to read this week. I've been struggling with focusing on my goals and dreams and how to bring them closer to reality

    I love how you've broken the examples down from the intention to goals that can be achieved.

    I need to also start listening to some motivational CDs to bring back that enthusiasm and inspiration. Do you have any particular one you can suggest?

    xo Stephanie

  5. @ Stephanie-For the last few week, I've been listening to an entire seminar program available on Youtube called Your Wish is Your Command. There are quite a few parts and each video is over 1 hour long.

  6. This is literally what I needed to hear especially at this point of my life. Thank you.


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