Fermented Cod Liver Oil. Have you heard of this yet?

Those of you who are regulars here know that I always have a strong desire to take things to the next level.  This time isn't any different.  I've written about taking cod liver oil several times on this blog.  I thought I was doing my thang when I stumbled upon Nordic Naturals, one of the highest quality fish oil brands on the market.  I didn't mind investing a little more for this product because I knew I was getting what I paid for.

Then one day, I was cruising through the mean streets of the internet and stumbled upon what may be the next level of fish oil goodness.  Ladies, let me tell you a little bit about fermented cod liver oil.  Throughout history, fishermen traditionally would take wild caught fish, place them in barrels (with sea water), and allow the fish to ferment for months before extracting the oil.  The outcome of this fermentation process creates a, raw, highly nutritious product high in vitamin A, D, EPA, & DHA.  Unfortunately, today's unfermented fish oil is extracted through methods that involve heating the oil allowing it to be mass produced.  Some say that many of the naturally occurring nutrients are destroyed during the process.  As a result, synthetic versions of the vitamins are added to enhance the nutritional quality of the today's fish oil product.  Before learning of this fermented oil, I had no idea that the vitamin A & D in our current fish oils were synthetic.  When I heard this, I immediately thought of our breads which are deprived on nutrition through the production process, then "enriched" with synthetic nutrients.  Learning this pretty much convinced me that fermented cod liver oil was the way to go.

But wait, there's more!  Not only does fermented cod liver provide all of the omega 3 benefits of other commercial cod livers but many who have tried it have also boasted about improved dental health, more specifically, re mineralization of cavities after taking this product.  This probably has something to do with our bodies receiving all natural raw forms of vitamin D which is said to stimulate the absorption of calcium.  Many have shared favorable results in their dental health simply from adding this product to their routine. I first heard of fermented cod liver oil (FCL)  while browsing an online forum.  A poster on the forum shared that they were taking FCL and had experienced an elimination of their acne as a result.  This has everything to do with the access to natural vitamin A.  Many of today's high potency acne treatments, such as Retin-A and Accutane receive their power from vitamin A.  Those taking fermented cod liver oil aren't as susceptible to vitamin A toxicity because our bodies are better equipped to process naturally occurring vitamin A over the synthetic forms we are commonly exposed to.   

After reading the great reviews online, I purchased my first bottle of fermented cod liver oil from the one company that seems to offer it, Green Pasture.  My bottle hasn't arrived so I don't have any personal experience to share as of yet.    Once I've a taken it a while, I'll report back.  If you decide to do a little research online about the fermented fish oil, you may also notice that butter oil is also mentioned.  Butter oil is created from the cows who graze on rapidly growing grass.  The butter extracted from these cows contain high amounts of vitamin K2 which works synergistically with the FCLO for better absorption of the naturally occurring nutrients.

So if the claims of this product is correct, I should see benefits to my skin, teeth and hair.  This product was too intriguing for me to pass up.  I couldn't wait to share this find with you all and I hope at least one person can benefit from this.


  1. hi! i just found out about FCO the other day, when my daughter damaged her tooth. we are trying to avoid a root canal, and found that FCO is supposed to restore teeth! then just today, i found your blog. must be Divine Intervention! i don't have relaxed hair, but i am going to keep visiting your blog b/c you have such great information! thanks. kelly

  2. Hi Kelly,
    Everything happens for a reason. I received the liquid and tried it for the first time last night. It was pretty terrible but what keeps me going is an email I received from a reader singing the praises of the benefits she experienced from taking it.

  3. i ordered the capsules b/c i had heard about the taste. if this works for my little one's teeth, and you get good results, i am switching the whole family over!! i am excited to hear your updates, and will now be a regular reader. xo


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