Drinking 1 Gallon of water daily: Here's how I benefited

Over the past month, I've been trying my darndest to increase my water intake. Namely, I've focused on a goal of drinking as much to a gallon a day as possible. After reading about the water regimens of beauties such as Gabrielle Union, Beyonce, Adriana Lima, Brooke Bailey, Jessica White, etc., I decided that I must take this on, even for a short while, to see if I notice any external differences. 

After purchasing my 56 oz water bottle, I went to work.  Knowing that drinking two full bottles would nearly equal 1 gallon, I set that as my goal.  I also allowed myself some leeway if I didn't meet the 2 bottle requirement.  The next day I simply would start again.  Day after day, I faithfully drank my water.  I did it first thing in the morning and throughout the day hoping that I would reap the benefits from my diligent practice.

A few weeks past and soon I began to notice differences.  The first and most notable is that I haven't had one single breakout since early January.  My skin is completely clear.  Most importantly, my skin seems to be much more forgiving of my transgressions that in the past.  I've eaten ice cream, fried foods, operated on little sleep, been stressed out, skipped my Lady Dee daily skin care routine a couple of times and nothing.....not one pimple.  This is pretty much unheard of for me.  I ran out of my fermented cod liver oil right around the time that I started drinking more water without experiencing any negative side effects.   Next week, I'm headed back to see Lady Dee for a chemical peel.  So having zero breakouts is ideal.  Once the scarring is reduced/eliminated, and if I can remain breakout free, my skin will be one step closer to becoming flawless.

Improved skin is the greatest benefit but it didn't stop there.  My scalp, nails, and feet were the other beneficiaries of my new habit.  For months, I've been consuming my hair, skin and nails supplements without seeing much difference in the longevity of my nails. Sure they would grow then suddenly I would notice splitting and chipping.  The dryness overtook them.  When my water intake was consistent, the growth occurred without any obstacles. 

That's when I realized that all the usual signs of dryness had pretty much disappeared from my entire body.  The soles of my feet were no longer dry.  I still maintained my routine of scrubbing them daily which keeps dead skin from accumulating. They still tend to get dry (especially during the winter months) but as my water intake consistently went up, my dryness went down conversely. 

Where else do I experience dryness?  From my scalp of course! When I consistently drank up, the flakiness I normally experienced improved greatly.  My new growth is also really nice and feels hydrated. Not sure if that's from the increased water intake or from the yummy steaming sessions with my MicroMist

I started this new habit in late December.  Then as time went by my water intake went down significantly.  Guess what happened next?  My nails began chipping/breaking again and my scalp started producing tiny flakes as before.  So know I'm back in action which is why I purchased another Bobble for refilling my water bottle when I'm on the go.  This is after I realized that when I'm at home, I have no problem drinking almost a gallon a day but when I'm out and about, it's a completely different story.  The Bobble allows me to filter my water refills from soda machines and drinking fountains (as a last resort).  Knowing the benefits I experienced those few short weeks has convinced me never to go back to where I was before.  I tell you that it is NOT easy to maintain this habit.  Even if I drank sufficiently yesterday, I still can become dehydrated today.  It's like manna from heaven, we have to seek it daily. 

If my story wasn't enough to inspire you, I leave you with one final message that will hopefully covince you to drink up.


  1. It's it funny how doing one simple good thing for ourselves can make a world of difference? Keep it up! (walks away from computer and refills water bottle!)

  2. People always compliment me on how soft and good my skin looks and feel and I put it down to my water intake and good diet.

    I always consume 2-3 litres a day, I never have any spots, its rare for me to have a spot and my nails grow grow grow.

    Speaking of scalp I actually never have white flakes like I used to years ago when I never drank water consistently.

    I think drinking water is definitely has a lot of benefits.

    I hope you keep it up and keep enjoying those benefits.


  3. The only downside to drinking all that water is the time I spend looking for a restroom throughout the day! LOL

  4. Great post! I've been working on increasing my water intake and hope to reap the same benefits.

  5. I would love to drink a gallon of water but I haven't got time to spend all day in the loo.

    Any suggestions?

    1. Just buy a gallon jug and take it with you. It's a lot easier then constantly refilling that dollar water bottle. Plus the gallon jugs are just about the same as a water bottle in price. Every Monday morning on my way to school I stop at the Circle K and buy an Arrow head jug (twist cap) and just refill it when it's empty which is only once a day when I am already home.

  6. Ladies, I understand the concern around the constant trips to the bathroom. Unfortunately, there's little we can do about it. One thing I do is space my water drinking to the times when I know that restroom trips wouldn't be that inconvenient (for example, when I'm at home). Another thing I do is change the way I view the trips. Instead of seeing them as a burden, I think of it like a cleansing session. I know that with each trip, my body is ridding itself of toxins.

  7. Inspired to drink more!

  8. I have found that once your body becomes accustomed to drinking a large quantity of water, you will realize you don't have to use the bathroom as frequently as when you first started. :)


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