Try KeraPro for 50% off regular price!

This post is a public service announcement for those of us who are fans of the KeraPro product line.  You may remember when I first was introduced to the Kerastase brand via Miss Pink Pearls.  After trying Kerastase Nutrithermique, I was hooked. I loved this product so much that the $60.00 price tag didn't even bother me. Then I learned of an alternative brand by the name of Kera Pro.

After doing a full review, I came to the conclusion that even though both products look and feel different, they had the same overall affect on my hair.  Best of all, the KeraPro cost 1/6th of the price of its counterpart.  At only $10.99 KeraPro was in everyone's price range.  Many of you tried it and fell in love.  I even shared a feature from a young lady singing the praises of KeraPro.  Well I just learned that Sally's is running a sale and knocking off an additional 50%.  I do not know how long the sale will run but, for now, KeraPro is only $5.99!  If you haven't tried this wonderful conditioner yet.  Here's your chance.

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  1. Yay! This is most definitely one of my fave staples and I'm down to one jar. Time to stock up again! Thanks for shariang! :)


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