Saturday, March 30, 2013

Try KeraPro for 50% off regular price!

This post is a public service announcement for those of us who are fans of the KeraPro product line.  You may remember when I first was introduced to the Kerastase brand via Miss Pink Pearls.  After trying Kerastase Nutrithermique, I was hooked. I loved this product so much that the $60.00 price tag didn't even bother me. Then I learned of an alternative brand by the name of Kera Pro.

After doing a full review, I came to the conclusion that even though both products look and feel different, they had the same overall affect on my hair.  Best of all, the KeraPro cost 1/6th of the price of its counterpart.  At only $10.99 KeraPro was in everyone's price range.  Many of you tried it and fell in love.  I even shared a feature from a young lady singing the praises of KeraPro.  Well I just learned that Sally's is running a sale and knocking off an additional 50%.  I do not know how long the sale will run but, for now, KeraPro is only $5.99!  If you haven't tried this wonderful conditioner yet.  Here's your chance.

  1. Yay! This is most definitely one of my fave staples and I'm down to one jar. Time to stock up again! Thanks for shariang! :)