Optimum Amla Billion Hair Potion Review


The good folks at Optimum Care were gracious enough to send me samples from their new Amla Legend line.  I'd like to talk a little about one of those products today, the Billion Hair Potion serum. I'm pretty familiar with Amla oil.  For years it was one of my staple oils for pre-poo treatments.  Aside from the oil sold at my local indian grocer,  I never seen many commercial products on the market containing this wonderful ingredient until now.

Optimum brand came up with a serum that is meant to "promote visibly thicker, fuller hair." According to the package, Billion Hair Potion is "a formula with Amla oil, Arginine & strengthening ceramide that intensely conditions and wraps the strand to promote thicker, fuller hair.

The Hair potion comes in a 1.9 oz bottle equipped with a dropper.  Unlike other serums, this is more of a liquid than the typical silicone laden serums we're used to. Water is the first ingredient so I will take the liberty of classifying this product as a moisturizing product although I wouldn't go as far as calling it a moisturizer.  I say this because (in my experience) after the liquid evaporates my hair feels like it needs another layer of moisturizer and oil to complete the routine.

Where this product worked well for me was when I applied it to my scalp. When I rubbed a few drops in, my scalp received some much needed moisture.  Not only did my scalp benefit but the new growth as well.  I actually really liked the way the Billion Hair Potion handles my edges and new growth.  One thing that I don't have in my stash is a decent product that manages my edges and new growth. I think I may just have found a winner.

When I posted a sneak peak of the Billion Hair potion on the Facebook Fan Page, many of you shared that you have tried the product and like it.  I predict that Billion Hair Potion will be used regularly (especially when I'm stretching).  When the product runs out, I'm going to experiment by adding an oil/essential oil blend to the empty bottle and using the dropper as an applicator tool for my scalp.  Have you tried this yet? What do you think?


  1. that is a good idea, ima do the same and mix my oils, when it finishes.

  2. Hadn't even heard of it before your post. I may check it out.

  3. This product has piqued my interest for a while...thanks for the review! Maybe I'll try it.

  4. I've heard about this product here and there but I don't think it's for me, it seems to be something of a water-based product with very light oil and that doesn't seem to have a place in my regimen at the moment.

    It's interesting to see your comments about what it did for your edges and new growth as those are areas of improvement for me, especially the new growth, although I am reverting back to my homemade spritz (aloe vera juice, rose water, oils, glycerin) to revive those areas. But this may work as another option.

    If this product is cheap at my hair store I will pick it up just for the packaging (the bottle and droplet), however for the moment it's a no for me.

    As always, I appreciate the review!

  5. Thanks so much for this review! I took a look at their Amla line a few weeks ago while out looking for new products. In reading the ingredients of the conditioner (which is what I was looking for) I noticed the alma oil is listed as the LAST ingredient on the list... -_- Now, I'm not familiar with the ingredient list on this particular oil but I'm curious to know where the Amla oil falls on the list. Does it happen to be in the top five? Seems like a lot of hype to use the name Amla without the benefits of substantial quantities of the product.

  6. @RukiatG-Amla is actually the last ingredient on the list. To be honest with you, I'm more excited that this product has Ceremides in it than the amla. I didn't have a daily use product with Ceremides in the ingredient list.

  7. I returned it to CVS and got my money back. Not sure why they're calling it oil when it's pretty much water.

    The results on my hair were awful. I wear my hair straight, but it's naturally curly and it curls at an ounce of humidity. As soon as I put this on my scalp my hair began to frizz and curl up. I was not a happy consumer :(

    I told my my hair dresser at the salon and she recommended Moroccan Oil. If anyone is looking for an anti-frizz weight less oil I would suggest Moroccan Oil. I also started using Easy rider by Kevin Murphy. It's almost like a body butter for your hair. In fact, you can use it on your skin for moisture. This is also anti-frizz and weightless. It's wonderful and I love it! These products are on the pricy side, but worth every penny. If you want quality product for your hair - don't neglect it by using cheap products like Alma Oil.

  8. Just tweeted your site over on @FemmesWBenefits.


  9. Thank you for the review.I am usually a bit skeptical about products such as this, but it is nice to see a review and personal experience.

    Interested in your comments on regrowth and edges - I will try it I think!


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