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It's been a while now since I added a new product to my rotation. Recently, a new product line caught from L'Oreal my eye and has been placed into my wish want list.

L'Oreal developed a series of professional products as part of their expert line. They were developed to treat the hair's molecular structure from the core to the surface.  There are products in the lineup to help boost color, create more volume, etc.  But what I'm interested in are the "Intense Repair line" (hydrating  line that provides UV protection), the Absolut Repair Line (contains lactic acid technology for repair at the cellular level), and the Fiberceutic line which works from the inside out to provide long lasting reconstruction for damaged or chemically altered hair.

More specifically, I've got my eyes on the Fiberceutic Masque.  According to the product info the mask allegedly works from the inside out to provide long-lasting reconstruction for damaged or chemically altered hair.  Fiberceutic Masque is meant to help prolong the effects of the Fiberceutic Fiber-Filling in salon service.  The main selling point of this mask is that it's enriched with Intra-Cylane technology, which works to reconstruct the hair fiber enhancing volume, strength and suppleness.

According the the Kerastase website, Intra Cylane is the injection of material into the hair fibre.  They say that the intra cylane molecule has the power to "auto-expand" which leaves the hair looking thicker with added volume & body.  The intra cylane molecules are deposited into the hair after evaporation takes place.  These molecules reinforce the protective layer of the hair. They find the damaged fibers, revitalizing the hair.  I should mention that to fully benefit of the intra cylane technology, one would receive the  serum treatment (also known as botox for hair) at their local salon.  They call it a "botox treatment" because the serum is applied by using a syringe.  Not like a real needle, but more like the dropper used in the Amla oil billion potion.  The mask is meant to help maintain the results of the treatment between visits.

The other product that caught my eye is the is Absolute Repair Masque for dry, damaged hair.  What makes it attractive to me is the use of lactic acid as the main active ingredient.  Lactic acid is a mild acid produced by fermentation. They say that lactic acid helps with tangling and helps provide shiny, healthy hair.  Lastly, I'm really interested in the Intense Repair line that boasts of having the ability to powerfully protect the hair against harmful UV rays.  The sun has been really intense lately and it'll only get worse as the summer months roll in.

 I still haven't been able to get a hold of the ingredient list(s) yet but both are on my list of future purchases.  I'm a technology buff by nature. Anything new and interesting will certainly attract my attention.  When these babies finally come home, I'll share my thoughts in a full review.

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