Water Drinking Challenge: Creating your own "love water."

I'm sharing this post with you on one condition...... The only thing I ask of you is that you don't think of me as a complete loon after reading what I'm about to say.  Promise?......Ok, let's do this.

For those of you who aren't already aware, we are on a "drink your water" challenge.  Our intention is to drink enough water to generate benefits to our external selves (our hair, skin and so on).  What if I told you that you could experience positive internal (and metaphysical) benefits as well?  I'm not just talking about hydration, I'm referring to the ability to positively impact our water, prior to drinking it.

Yeah, I know I'm starting to sound crazy but instead of trying to explain it, I'd to share something with you.  Check this out.

So basically, Dr Emoto took samples of water and exposed them to various elements such as music, words, thoughts and intentions.  Then he froze droplets of the water and examined them under the microscope to see how the thoughts and words impacted the water.  What he found was that the water exposed to "positive" words and intentions created clear crystallized shapes while the water exposed to the "negative" suggestions were fragmented and chaotic.

What does this all mean?  Perhaps nothing.  But perhaps it opens our minds to the possibility that our thoughts and emotions have a greater impact on our bodies than we think.  If water is indeed that susceptible to our thinking, perhaps we can intentionally begin to focus our thoughts in a way that may positively impact our bodies.

There are some other videos on YouTube where people are putting this theory into practice.  In their non-scientific experiments, they prepare white rice then separate it into two containers. On one they place positive words on a piece of paper and tape it to the container.  On the other, they write negative words. They take time daily to send either positive or negative intentions to the rice.   Time passes.  Weeks later, the rice is inspected and they notice something interesting.  The "positive" rice remains relatively fresh compared to the "negative rice" which seems to mold and decay at a much faster rate.  Rice is used in these experiments because of the water content absorbed once cooked.

We too have a relatively high water water content and we're constantly walking around with negative and limiting thoughts.  Most of it directed at ourselves.  What if the words we think/speak to ourselves are actually harmful?  What if simple words of gratitude and appreciation had healing/protective properties?  I try to think about this when I drink my water and use it as an opportunity to reflect on uplifting thoughts.   I showed my coworkers the video and so they now refer to the water I carry with me as my "love water."  

So for those of you who have joined the water challenge, perhaps we can connect our water drinking as a way to reflect on  & affirm something positive in our lives.  Even if you're a bit skeptical about this whole thing, there's no harm that can come from focusing on something positive for a few moments each day.

Who's gonna try this?


  1. Right on point girl! I write on my water bottles too "healing" "love" "peace" "purity" . We are creative beings. PEACE & LOVE TO YOU!!

  2. You should watch teh 2004 documentary "What the $#%^ do we know", I believe it covers this topic in a deep way and it explains it all in a really simple manner. That movie is life changing.

  3. @ahhsoNeo- Seen "What the bleep" and loved it! The whole realm of quantum physics intrigues me.


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