Video: My Updated Skin Care Routine

I'm really excited about the latest version of skin care routine.  I realized that if I want to maintain clear, great looking skin, I have to take daily, consistent action to achieve that outcome.  That's when I decided that my daily cleansing routine wasn't enough and needed to be adjusted to create great skin.

Here's my entire updated daily routine.  I'm still working on my evening regimen.

I can not tell you how excited I am to have found a routine that works.  Normally, my skin starts acting up during the summer months.  My face just gets all congested and breaks out easily.  This new routine is going to combat all of that.  One thing I didn't mention in the video are the routine visits to the sauna which have been a God send.  Ultimately, my goals is to have flawless skin, making the use of foundation completely optional.  This means that I'm now targeting the last of the acne scarring.  On my action list are the following:
  • Daily sunscreen.  I'm upgrading to Skinceuticals SPF 50.  
  • Nightly Retin A product to promote cell turnover. Hopefully that means that  my old discolored skin cells are shed more quickly.
  • Weekly peels to exfoliate the top layer of my skin. 
I'll never forget something that Lady Dee told me on my last visit.  She noticed the lines that ran horizontally on my neck and told me "keep your head up."  Confused, I asked her to explain.  She went on to say, "you're walking around with your head down, keep your head up. Never walk around with your head down."   At first I wanted to dismiss her words of advice, then I realized that I was probably walking around with my head down because of being ashamed of   my skin looking the way it did.  Today it's a different story. I sometimes catch myself habitually wanting to put my head down as I pass others. Then I remember how far my skin has come and I confidently raise my head in confidence.  


  1. Thanks for the tip on the Clarisonic! I've been using it the same way you used to use it. Never even thought about how the head kinda pulses in those circular motions anyway!

  2. Great stuff with the Skin Care routine. Do you think you could also do an updated Hair care routine. It's been awhile since you've done one and the products you've used have changed quite a bit since then. Would be very much appreciated :)


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