Water Drinking Challenge Part 3: Fruit Infused Blends

Awwww yeah! We about to take this water drinking challenge thang to a new level.  Hopefully by now, you all are experiencing the wonderful skin, hair and other benefits from increasing your water intake.  

But perhaps you may have gotten a little bored with sipping on flavorless water day after day.  Maybe you need to add a little bit of sexiness to this water drinking experience.  If that sounds like you, then fret no more because I have the solution to all of your woes.

You know how those spa places sometimes give you a small cup of lemon or cucumber water to heighten your experience?  But you sip on it slowly 'cause you don't want to be the guy who keeps going back for endless refills.  Now you can guzzle down as much infused water as you want in the privacy of your own home.

Infused water is the easiest thing in the world to make.  All I did was slice up some strawberries, cucumber, lemons & mint.  Also included is a pinch of pink salt to mineralize my water.  Then I added water and suddenly I've got a delicious flavored "vitamin water" that excites my senses and my taste buds.  I can't even look at that beautiful bottle without wanting to take a sip.

I know that there may be some who struggled to join us in this water challenge because water may not "taste good."  If that sounds like something you might say, then I urge you to give this infused water experience a try.  Although I don't recommend, I'll give you permission to add a little agave nectar to the mix to sweeten it up a little. Not only does this taste good but it feels like such an indulgent experience.  Like I'm treating myself to a little something special. 

This fruit water also comes with health benefits as well. Some say that some of the vitamins and minerals of the fruit & herb are released into the water.  Cucumber is a perfect ingredient for this amazing drink because the sulfur content is good for our hair and skin.  Lemons have cleansing and detoxing qualities.  Whatever your favorite fruit, just toss it in and you're good to go.  A coworker took a look at my fruit infused water bottle today and said to me "it looks so fancy."  In my mind I said to myself, "that's because it is." 


  1. Wow, great tips! I had no idea that cucumbers were so good for our skin and hair. I'll be doing this from now on

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  2. This looks so good. I've been forcing water down my throat the last few weeks because my skin looks so awesome when I do it regularly but I'm getting bored with it. I've been seeing this infused water method around the interwebs so I just might try it at some point. I also have some msm I can throw in there.

  3. How long can you leave this in the refrig?

  4. Can't wait to try this.

  5. @ Anon- They say that 2-3 days is the recommendation. Make sure you keep in the fridge overnight. Also, you can remove the fruit after the first day and continue to drink the water.

  6. This looks so great. I really had no idea that cocumbers were good for hair too. I used cocumber to cleanse in my face and its really good for skin and eyes. Cocumber has really lots of benefits you can get. Nice Blog!

  7. Thanks for sharing such a important tips here.Keep it up.


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