Fitness Motivation: Staying Consistent with Workouts

It's time again for another round of fitness motivation.  I've been struggling to remain consistent with my workouts and I'm finally at the point where I'm ready to commit to exercise as a way of life instead of seeing as a means to an end.

What really frustrates me about my yo-yo exercising is how much ground I lose whenever I take a couple months off.  I have to start all over again and have to go through that stage where working out sucks.  I want to get to the point where I'm consistently active.  As I mentioned in my health-fitness video, I'm highly driven by external motivation. One of the most effective motivators for me is see others who are living the way I want to live while reaping the benefits from their daily choices.

May I present to you some of the fit and fabulous ladies who provide me a constant stream of motivation?
I love how dedicated Angela is with her workouts.  She took on the practice of healthy lifestyle & daily exercise and has never looked back.

What health and fitness inspiration post would be complete with the addition of our girl "Get Fit with Nic?"  Her physique is pretty much flawless because she's made fitness a steady part of her life.  Checkout the look of confidence she's sporting in the pic below.  There's no greater feeling in the world than when you are happy with your body.

Miss Blacbomshell is such an inspiration because her body didn't always look like this.  She lost over 75 lbs of weight from her starting point. Her diet and fitness routine transformed entirely.  Bombshell was even gracious enough to share the eating regimen that supports her fit body and trim waist.

Blac Chyna just had a baby months ago.  Today, her body is perfect thanks to many of late nights at the gym.

I appreciate the dedication that allows her to do the stair climbing machine late night.   This is why she gets to enjoy a post baby figure that rivals most others.

I started following Nicole Murphy with hopes that she would provide daily snapshots loaded with fitness inspiration.  While she doesn't give us a daily fix, she will sneak in a pic or two of her getting her workout on.  This woman has given birth to numerous children yet her abs look like that of a teenager.


Look out for more of these posts in the future.


  1. PERFECT timing of this post... I was feeling lazy this evening and thinking about skipping my bootcamp class but these pics inspired me to get dressed and GO... which I'm doing now. Please keep these coming.. They inspire me..thank you!!!

  2. Thank you for these posts. I enjoy working out and feel my best when I'm in shape, but I am guilty of not always making it a priority. I appreciate seeing that others are on similar journeys and work hard to stay focused on it all.

  3. Could you show links to some these blogs? Thank you.

  4. @ Anon- These pics are from the Instagram pages of these ladies. If you have the app, you can search for them and find their pages.

  5. Great post, I follow the motivation ladies on instagram and they really give you that push.
    Angela Simmons is on her grind!
    GetbodiedbyJ is another great motivator.


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