Video: My Health & Fitness Routine

After launching my Updated skin care regimen video a few weeks back, I received a suggestions that I do a health/fitness video.  So I decided to step up to the challenge and record a quick update.  After watching it a few times I realized that there are some things I missed during my little chat so I may to a follow up video. 

One thing that's on my mind is the idea of creating a fitness challenge to go along with our water challenge.  Details to come. In the meantime, check out the video and let me know your thoughts.



  1. Great video, thanks for all these fitness posts, endless inspiration. What I wanted to ask is where you got your bottle/decanter from? If it's BPA free and holds about 2L of water or even a gallon I am definitely interested!

    With water I want to start marking my bottle, with times so I have a number and visual reminder/goal in front of me but since I go BPA free for water bottles I can never see the level of water since mine is stainless steel.

  2. Hi Natalie. I added a link to the bottle in the post. You can also check out Target to see if you find it there.

  3. Ah thanks I see it now :) I'm actually one of your UK readers, so although I won't be able to get it I appreciate the efforts! xxo


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