The Water Challenge: Using Iphone Apps to drink more water

I have to admit, even though I want so badly to drink up to a gallon of water a day, there are days when life gets too busy.  For a while I was bummed on days when I failed to reach my drinking goal but things started looking up when I came across some help in the form of technology.

Last week I traveled out of state for work and decided to pick up a gallon of water to last me over the next couple of days.  My coworker, who also was in search of a gallon, casually mentions to me that his water intake was darn near non-existent until he took action.  He found an app online that helped him track his daily water intake.  I immediately thought of our water challenge and decided that I had to share!

Waterlogged-Iphone (Free)

Waterlogged was the first app I looked into.  Based on the features available, this is the one that I'll likely download and use.  What I like about this app is the "take a pic of your bottle" feature which allows you to track your water intake based on your specific bottle.  This works well for me because I you guys know that I have that cooky looking water bottle which I love so much.  

Another thing I like about Waterlogged is that I can set my own goal and the free version has a reminder prompting me to keep drinking. By the way, you have a selection of reminder alerts available that are various versions of water sounds.  There's also a premium version of this app with special perks like unlimited interval reminders throughout the day.

Water Your Body Lite-Iphone (Free)

Water Your Body Lite is what introduced me to this whole "tracking your water" game.  This app works by allowing you to add your body weight so you can achieve a goal of drinking half your weight.  Some of the reviewers of the free version mentioned that they would like the ability to accept water consumption entries after reaching the pre-determined goal.  

Water Your Body -Iphone/Android ($0.99)

The upgraded version of the Water Your Body App has some neat features. For one, it asks questions about your lifestyle that could affect your water intake. Breastfeeding mothers and those who exercise frequently need to drink more water and this app accounts for that.  A few of the reviewers of this app compare it to "playing a game" which keeps them excited about what they're doing for their health.

I hope this post is helpful for those of you who struggle to keep drinking water throughout the day.  These are just a few suggestions, there are more options available on the App Market.  You now have a digital accountability partner to help you win this water challenge journey. Drink up!


  1. reallly nice post i enjoy your blog so much it has helped my co-partner and i so much through our hair journey and u have so many usefull lifestyle tips

    ill chek out these apps for sure cuz lord knows we need to drink more water hahaha

  2. I use water your body! I like that it does take into account things like being pregnant, medications, and other lifestyle choices that may mean you should increase water consumption. I also have badges turned on for it and I like seeing my number remaining go down throughout the day.

  3. this ia really interesting,gonna check it out,i usually have my water on my desk at work to remind me

  4. This sounds like a great app, I really struggle with drinking water...thanks for sharing xxx


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